Guide For ESTA USA Application

Traveling to the US may prove to be challenging. This is because of firmer security measures implemented by the country to ensure the safety of both its citizens and its visitors alike. In line with this, the US now requires an approved ESTA application. Check your eligibility Before applying for an ESTA, check first whether you are eligible to do so. Verify whether your country of citizenship is one of the 39 ESTA qualified countries. Proceed only with an ESTA application if you are indeed a citizen of any of these countries, as well as if the purpose of your visit is for business or tourism. Check your requirements Once you determine that you are eligible for an ESTA application, it is time to prepare your documents. You will need a valid passport and a working credit card. The ESTA USA application can cost you about $14 processing fee. Apart from this, you also need a travel date and the address of the place where you will stay in the US. You must also have an email address with which you have full access. Then you are ready to begin your application. Go to the website of US Customs and Border Protection Before you are redirected to the application form, you will be asked to either begin a new application or check an existing application. You are also given the option to start an individual visa application or pay for multiple applications within a single transaction through the button that indicates ‘Group of Applications’. After you have selected the options you prefer, a pop-up button asking you to confirm the security notification of the ESTA USA system. Fill up the online form based on the following sections discussed below: The first section of the form is all about the applicant’s information. This includes the name, aliases, and birth details. The second section of the form is all about the passport information which includes your passport number and expiry date among others. The third section of the form needs details about your other citizenships or nationality The fourth section will simply ask whether you are part of a Global Entry (GE) program. The fifth section of the form will ask for the details of your parents. The sixth section of the form will be all about your contact information. You will also be asked about your social media information on the seventh section. Your employment information will be required in the eighth section. The ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth sections are all about your travel details to the US, including the address where you will be staying. The last section of the form is where further eligibility questions are required. More and more people are now able to travel and one important business destination is the US. However, in parallel with the boost in the travel and tourism industry, countries, including the US, are now implementing firmer measures to ensure the security and safety of everybody. This is why requirements, such as approved ESTA applications are now mandated.