Let’s Pizza–World’s First Pizza Vending Machine

lets-pizza-vending-machine.jpgLet’s Pizza is the world’s first pizza vending machine. The machine, which is called Pizzametry, has has 7 patents and is the only one in the world that creates an authentic Italian and healthy pizza using fresh and authentic ingredients without any human intervention.

It was launched successfully three years ago throughout Europe by the Italian inventor and entrepreneur Claudio Torghele.  There are already plans of introducing this in the States, locating it in malls, airports, hospitals and universities with the company A1 Concepts being their planned distributor.

After paying in cash or credit card, the consumer will be able to choose from four types of pizza styles and over 200 toppings.  Consumers may be able to watch from the outside while the machine creates, kneads and rolls a fresh dough into a 10.5 inch crust.  It continues then to add an organic tomato sauce and toppings and then slides inside its infra-red oven where it is cooked.

In just 2.5 minutes after ordering, the pizza is served hot and fresh in an insulated take-away box ready to be enjoyed and eaten.

There are still no reported dates yet when Let’s Pizza will start serving in the streets of the US and at least five machines are still in the process of building for market testing.

Below is a video showing how Let’s Pizza Pizzametry, the pizza vending machine, works.


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  1. sewichi

    is this machine available now in the philippines?how much for the franchise?thanks

    • franchise philippines

      Hi Sewichi,

      This is not yet available in the Philippines. You may learn more about the franchise here –

  2. Mathias Ferraro

    Hola… como estas?
    Estoy interesado en tener la representación de Let’s Pizza. Quisiera que me brinden con quien me tengo que contactara.

  3. Ricca

    Hi is it available franchising In Denmark ?

    • Gelo

      Hi Ricca, is an informational website and is not associated with any company listed on it. Please direct your inquiry to the A1 Concepts company. You can contact them through their website –

  4. Jasmine

    Hello is this franchise available in pakistan.plzz give me its criteria to own a franchise in pakistan

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