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After a long, hard day at work, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the comfort of being at home which has a great aroma to help you relax? Whether you choose a relaxing bath, massage

Best Accounting Practices That Can Boost Business Revenue

Great business owners always take the time to monitor their company's expenditures and income, regardless of the amount of workload they have. This particular task is important to ensure that their accounting books remain

Uber Taxi: One of Hottest Business Opportunities in Manila

Commuting around the Metro With the increasing population in Metro Manila of roughly 13 million, commuting around the region can be a real pain. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of students and

Network Marketing: A Good Business in the Philippines?

Condition of Employment in the Philippines Our current unemployment rate according to National Statistics Office stands at 6.4% or roughly 2.6 million jobless Pinoys. Underemployed people in the country is at 17.8% meaning a

Best Way to Manage Money for Your Small Scale Business

3% of the world population has wealth equal to the remaining 97%. Is this a coincidence? Why most of people who retire ended-up being broke, depending on monthly pension, or working despite the old

5 Small Capital Business Ideas That Turned Into Millions

You are reading this article on your desktop computer, or maybe on a laptop computer with an apple logo on it, or perhaps on a tablet, or on your smart phone device. With the

Quick Guidelines on Securing Permits for a Good Business in the Philippines

There is now a growing number of like-minded entrepreneurs in the country. It seems that people are learning not to depend on a single income. Most people are trying to establish a business apart

How to Outline a Plan for a Good Business in the Philippines

The changing landscape in the business sector in the Philippines makes it more challenging for any entrepreneur-to-be to plan or establish a business. Yes, you may already have a long list of ideas of

10 Small Capital Business Ideas for the Young Entrepreneurs

Business to date is not just for the degree holders, middle-aged adults or the retirees. In fact, there is now a plethora of young individuals  with immense interest in becoming successful entrepreneurs. If you

7 Mistakes that Jeopardize a Good Business in the Philippines

People spend so much energy, time, and money to keep a business up and running. However,   due to poor decision-making skills, all these resources may go down the drain.  When that happens, it becomes