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kalidad-vending-logoKalidad Vending is offering quality vending machine business to those interested in building a profitable, easy managed and low cost business.  Their vending machines run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are fully mechanical and so electricity are not required for it to operate.

The range of products that Kalidad Vending provide in their vending machines include tissues, sanitary napkins, diapers, facemasks, sanitizing gels, intimate wash, tooth-care, and shaving kits.  They also offer their own “Basics” brand of products alongside well-known brand names making sure that it would appeal to all kinds of consumers.


All their vending machines are made of metal parts, ensuring a secure and virtually maintenance free business.  With a high capacity storage, it increases the time between restocking visits.

There are hundreds of possible locations for a Kalidad vending machine.  You can place them in various business locations, institutions, schools, hospitals, commercial areas and a lot more places where people can have convenient access to essential products.

You can start a profitable vending machine business for as little as P19,995. There are no contracts to sign, franchise fees or any other costs to pay when you start investing with vending machines by Kalidad Vending.  With up to 40% Profit Margin on their vending products, appealing brands and consumer demand, isn’t it time for you to invest in this business?

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Skype: Kalidad.Vending


Phone No.: (032)511-4655

Mobile No.: 0998-456-2604

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