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Bubbatealicious Franchise

Bubbatealicious Pearl Milk Tea Place began in 2009.  They offer a brewed Chinese tea mixed with a variety of flavors such as fruit syrups, milk, fresh fruit bits, chewy tapioca and coconut jelly. Customers

Chado Ice Coolers Food Cart Franchise

Chado Ice Coolers Food Cart Franchise is a franchising business product of TS Fiesta Seafood Snack Corporation, a Philippine based company.  This food cart mainly serves Flavored Tea Drinks.  They boast of their healthy

Dream Tea Express Franchise

Dream Tea Express Franchise is owned by Ms. Evelyn Co.  It started with her idea of setting up a Bubble Tea shop that would compliment their long time established family business, ELC Dimsum Frito

Farronccino Cafe Franchise

The business with heart.  Farronccino Cafe started by young lovers who are coffee lovers as well. They thought of making a business out of their fascination for coffee and frappes. Both of them believed

Jelly G Franchise

Jelly G Thai Milk Tea started in 2010.  It serves authentic, creamy and perfectly blended Thai Milk Tea. Jelly G are made from all-natural ingredients and their tea leaves are steeped fresh daily.  They

Naicha Franchise

Naicha tea’s ingredients are imported from Taiwan, it is one of the best tasting milk tea in the country. Only fresh brewed tea leaves to ensure that customers will be offered the best quality

Pao Pao Xiao Chi Franchise

Pao Pao Xiao Chi was founded in 2009 by Café 88 Food Concept Corp., a Philippine company established in March of 2008.  The words Pao Pao is a Chinese word which means very full

Star Frappe’ Cafe Franchise

Star Frappe’ Cafe started as a food cart concept serving frappe’, milk tea and hot coffee together with other concepts Fabsuffrage Inc. offers. Then they conceptualized a Cafe shop style franchise in which they

Star Frappe’ Food Cart Franchise

People from tropical country like the Philippines absolutely enjoy cold beverages especially during the summer season. What best way to quench the thirst than to have a refreshing delicious milk tea, frappe and shakes?

Tea Zone Food Cart Franchise

Tea Zone Franchise is a beverage store inspired from the popular bubble tea drinks, an asian tea drink with tapioca balls, serving various tea based drinks. The company started in 2008 where it slowly