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Bar-B-King Franchise

This quick service restaurant is wholly owned by FoodAsia Corp. It is the company behind the success of renowned Bibingkinitan, The Bibingka Café and Tea Square. It was first established back in 2012 and

Bare Essentials Franchise

The retail store dedicated to every woman, small medium or even the plus sizes. The company’s slogan is “Women, be free’. It indeed gives freedom to every woman as it has what everyone needs

Baryo Froyo Franchise

Baryo Froyo - Pinoy Frozen Yogurt is the first pinoy frozen yogurt brand in the country using fresh carabao's milk as its main ingredient for its yogurt mixtures. With all the flourishing Italian frozen

Bayad Center Franchise

Do you have bills to pay and yet don’t have time to go to each place to pay each bill? No more hassle on paying the bills with Meralco’s Bayad Center. No more long

Bayo Franchise

The story of the Bayo Franchise started with the idea of Filipinos being known for their unique fashion sense which dates back to the early settlers, from the bahag to the baro’t saya and barong.

Beans and Bros. Franchise

Coffee and tea loving people head to Beans and Bros. if they want to experience luxury British coffee and tea and energize their spirits. Instantly, you will be feeling like a British royalty as

Bench Fix Salon Franchise

This company was first established in 2001, Bench Fix Salon being one of the fastest growing salons in the Philippines nowadays. The Salon provides a universal Asian glamour that appeal not only to the

Bench Franchise

Bench was founded at 1987 as a small store selling men’s t-shirts and grew rapidly to be the pioneer in using celebrity endorsers, giant billboards to boost the fashion brand to new heights. Even

Bench-To-Go Franchise

Bench started selling men’s shirts only in 1987. It has become a hit to consumers and that is the reason why it has grown into a well renowned fashion brand that offers high quality

Bento Box Franchise

East meets West is the concept of this popular restaurant, it serves a wide selection of authentic Japanese food that are inspired in American cooking and presentation (plating). In Bento Box, you will get