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Bread and Butter Franchise

Bread and Butter started in 1986 by the Dela Cruz family as a small bakery in Kalibo, Aklan.  For more than 2 decades, the Bread and Butter Franchise has been the go-to bakery of

Brother’s Burger Franchise

Brother’s burger is considered one of the more popular burger joints in the Philippines. They are known for their flame-broiled 100% beef burgers, milk shakes, cholesterol-free French fries and other gourmet sandwiches. Sounds expensive?

Bubbatealicious Franchise

Bubbatealicious Pearl Milk Tea Place began in 2009.  They offer a brewed Chinese tea mixed with a variety of flavors such as fruit syrups, milk, fresh fruit bits, chewy tapioca and coconut jelly. Customers

Buko Fresh and Ice Scramble Food Cart Franchise

This refreshing drink (Buko juice) has lots of health benefits, eliminating high blood sugar and cholesterol among others. It is also said as to eliminate toxins in the body and naturally replenish the body

Buko Ni Fruitas Franchise by LGC

Buko ni Fruitas Franchise is one of the franchising packages being offered by Lush Group of Companies, a Philippine based company.  The company responsible to the famous Fruitas brand has created this Buko Food

Buko ni Magic Franchise

Due to the scorching heat and humid temperature in the Philippines nowadays, it is a great idea to have Buko Ni Magic sprouting everywhere, especially in areas that have high pedestrian count like city

Buko Nut Food Cart Franchise

Buko Nut Food Cart Franchise is one of the single food cart franchise packages being offered by Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc.  Their products are generally buko based drinks which include their Buko Fresh, Buko Shake, Buko Pandan and

Buko Shake / Juice: Food Cart Franchise Alternative

Buko Shake food cart package is a product of FoodcartLink Services (FCL), a company based in the Philippines.  This food cart is one of their food cart franchise alternatives.  The company does not run

Bukolandia Franchise

People nowadays are health conscious. They tend to switch to healthier products and pick them over artificial and ready to serve ones; case in point – fresh coconut juice. It has a lot of

Burger 8 Food Cart Franchise

Burger 8 Food Cart Franchise is one of the franchise food cart business packages offered by C8 Best Franchising Corporation.  C8 Best Franchising Corporation, based in the Philippines, offers a variety of food cart business