Silog and Sisig: Food Cart Franchise Alternative


Silog-&-Sisig-food-cartThis is a food cart franchise alternative, the Silog and Sisig food cart package.  It’s a product of FoodcartLink Services, a company based in the Philippines.  They don’t offer any franchise products instead the sell you the food cart complete with the equipment and other accessories.  You get the same quality products as the other more expensive food cart franchise companies but without the recurring fees thus saving you money.

This particular food cart sells Silog types of meal.  Once you buy the food cart, you can start the business in just 2 weeks.

silog & sisig food cart package

Food Cart Package Fee

This food cart package costs P35,000.

Profit Margin

From this food cart, you’ll expect to have a profit margin of around 70%-80%.

Food Cart Package Fee Inclusions

This food cart package includes the following items:

  • semi-high-end built cart (not collapsible)
  • rice cooker
  • electric griddle
  • weighing scale
  • containers
  • utensils & wares
  • juice container
  • initial inventory
  • crew uniform
  • video training & operations manual
  • costing and pricing
  • e-loading business (optional)

Food Cart Package Products

The products that are included in this food cart package are the following:

  • silog products (meat with fried rice and egg) – tapsilog, tocilog, longsilog, hotsilog, hamsilog, embutido, sisig, etc.
  • iced tea, and other drinks that the client may prefer
  • suggested retail price is P45 per serving.

Other Options

  • cart only (no inclusions) – P22,000
  • business kit only (no cart) – P12,000

Location of Food Cart

This food cart should be located on an area without any duplications within a 500 meters radius.

Contact Details

Here are the contact information for FoodcartLink Services (FCL).



Landline: (02)340-0156

Sun: 0922-862-6154

Smart: 0921-951-3522

Globe: 0917-848-3522

Address: FoodcartLink Services, 3/F Rubetan Bldg. (ICC Las Piñas), #88 Alabang-Zapote Rd., Pamplona, Las Piñas City, Philippines.  (in front of Tuazon Village)

Their office is open from 9:00 to 5:00pm from Monday to Saturday.