Welcome to FranchiseManila.com, founded in 2012 by a young blogger by the name of Gello. Since then, FranchiseManila.com grew to become one of the leading guides to the franchise business in the Philippines.

Franchise Manila is an online guide to the booming franchise business in the Philippines, as well as to other small business ideas you can get into.  It all started out as a personal list of Franchises, as Gello wanted to find out the best franchise packages he could get for his budget.  Gello soon decided to share whatever information he got and consolidated it into an all in one website and thus FranchiseManila.com was born.

Our team is now bigger and focused on providing the most updated information about franchising products you can avail in the Philippines.  We also provide  other small business ideas that you can also try out.  Some of the information we post is provided by the franchising companies themselves, so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information written in the posts because the companies may change them from time to time.  Since we are not connected to any franchise company, if you are interested in a specific business listed on this website, we suggest that you contact them directly to get all the information you need.  We will do our best to include all contact information on all businesses that we post.

You’ll find a food cart franchise list and other business opportunities available in the Philippines.  Feel free to look around.

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