Certain Issues to Consider before Agreeing To Any Franchise Arrangement


considerationGetting involved in a business of franchise means that the owner accepts the agreement of promoting and selling the merchandises or services of the company that are provided by the franchisor. The brand name or the company’s trademark belongs to the franchisor and he controls many components of how they operate their business. By franchising, a person gets immediate access to sell all the products and services and it sometimes includes the benefit of getting immediate support services from the franchisor. The number of awards associated with getting a franchise is countless, but regardless of this fact; it is important to encounter certain issues before accepting the franchise agreement for the business.

Franchise Fees

The initial investment needs to be kept in mind before entering into a franchise agreement. This kind of business needs a specific amount of money, which although varies from business to business but does exist. This kind of amount is usually called the “startup fees,” which in return gives you the allowance to sell you the products manufactured by that company. An investor needs to keep in mind that these fees can reach up to thousands of dollars according to the type of franchise they choose to run. In some kind of franchise businesses, the franchise owner also needs to spend some amount of money in purchasing the real estate and its equipments. Apart from this, the franchisor also gets paid monthly royalty fees by the franchisee. All these cost are paid from the gross monthly sales of the business.

Business Growth

Some franchises make the purchasing of supplies from the predestined sources as a requirement, this benefits the franchisee with the reliability of the products, but there is also a drawback. The franchisee may have to pay higher process, therefore increasing the cost prices of the business. The restrictions regarding the marketing territory depend upon the type of the business a person gets involved in and the negative impact of these restrictions on the success of the franchise varies from business to business. Business growth is also affected by the operational errors, such as the unavailability of supplies. The reputation of the franchise and the sales and profits are all directly associated with one another.

Decision Making

When a person enters into a franchise agreement, he accepts to run the business according to the strict rules provided by the company; this type of agreement is called business format franchising. It provides the owner with specific methods that the person must to comply with. Usually, it includes rules regarding the management decisions. Although the business benefits you with high profits but takes away, the authority of making independent decisions that may be able to influence the success of the franchise.