Yoh Froz Franchise


yoh-froz-logoThe products of this company is consist of 2, the Yoh-gurt Froz original; which is a choice of fresh frozen fruit that gives off thrilling flavours. The blending of yogurt and frozen fresh fruits provides a really mouth-watering taste which makes a real treat for everyone who loves yogurt. What’s best is that, the Yoh-gurt Froz original is healthy as it is 100% non-fat and it does not have any contain sugar at all as well as very low in calories. You can enjoy this yogurt guilt-free! The classic fro- yo is the other main product which creates a whole lot of excitement among every client. The delicious and tangy taste of this yogurt is also fat free, smooth, creamy like ice cream too! This product is refreshing especially during the hot seasons, can be enjoyed with lots of top in selections. Indeed, this company has a lot of good products to offer the loyal patrons.

The Benefits of Yogurt

It is said that yogurt has probiotics that aid in our body’s digestion process. It also prevents lactose overload and alleviating lactose problems as well. The probiotics also help out in promoting healthy colon. Yogurt is also said as a healer for diarrhea, it has been said in previous research that children benefits the most from this as they recover faster when eating yogurt during a diarrhea. When someone is on a diet, yogurt can help out too, consumption of low-fat yogurt instead of fat laden foods during snack will gradually help in losing weight. Being a source of protein, it also helps promote muscle building and repairing of torn tissues. All in all, yogurt is a good health food which is valuable for both adults and children as it has balanced source of certain vitamins and minerals we need to be healthy.

Yoh-gurt Froz Menu

Classic Fro-Yo

  • Regular Top Ins: Banana, Mango, Pineapple, Melon, Fruit loops, White Choco Chips, Colored Sprinkles, Choco Balls and a whole lot more!
  • Special Top Ins: Strawberry, Kiwi, Blueberry Morning, All-Bran. Granola Clusters, Butterscotch Bits, M&M’s, Raisinets and more!

Yoh-gurt Froz Original

  • Solo: Strawberry Swirl, Banana Bloom, Perky Pineapple, Mango Mania, Papaya Pleasure, Watermelon Cooler, Creamy Corn
  • Seasonal: Berri Best, Heavenly Kiwi, True Blueberry, Luscious Lychee, Langa-Mango, Buco-Mango, Halayang Ube

Blendz (Healthy Yogurt Smoothies): Strawberrific, Mango Rama, Banana Blosom, Berrilicious, Mango-Watermelon

Ala Mode (Frozen yogurt topped with your choice of pastry): Brownies, Butterscotch, and Cassava Cake

Yoh-gurt Froz outlets are located at the following areas: ABS-CBN, ELJ Tower, Level 1, The Loop, Rustan’s Makati, Level 3, Children’s Section, Thompson’s Square, Tomas Morato, Quezon City (in front of Tempura and Office Warehouse, Rockwell Powerplant Mall, Eastwood Open Park Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan, SM Mall of Asia, Trinoma, Level 3, inside Hobbes & Landes, Alabang Town Center, and more!

Yoh-gurt Froz Franchise is available for those budding entrepreneurs, newly graduates, OFWs, and entrepreneurs who are interested in the food industry and would be able to be hands-on in the business. Must share the same passion with the company and motivated to succeed.


Contact Details

For more details, contact the company if interested in Yoh Froz Franchise:

Website: www.yohfroz.com, www.yohgurtfroz.com 

Email: yohgurtfroz@yahoo.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/iloveyohfroz/timeline?ref=page_internal

Phone No.: (02)373-9651

Address: GLACIER BAY DIVERSIFIED VENTURES, INC., 10 South AA Street, Paligsahan, Quezon City, Philippines

Contact them also through RK Franchising Consultancy: 

Manila Branch:

Email: rk@rkfranchise.com, rkfranchiseconsultancy@yahoo.com 

Phone nos.: (02)912-2946, (02)912-2973, (02)955-0734

Fax no.: (02)911-1966, (02)912-2973

Cebu Branch:

Email: rkcebu@gmail.com

Phone nos.: (032)253-5010, (032)254-0473

Address: RK Franchise Consultancy Inc., G/F Minnesota Mansion, 267 Ermin Garcia St., Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines