Kowloon House Franchise


Kowloon House is a restaurant that serves authentic Cantonese dishes, which caters for both Chinese and Filipino diners started the operation way back in 1964. The restaurant’s aim is to provide foods that are of the best quality as well as services to make it stand out from all the rest. Kowloon House also caters for all occasions such as Birthdays, Conferences, Gatherings, Wedding and Baptismal Receptions but not limited to that.

The company decided to venture into franchising business and share its low cost investments to those entrepreneurs and business men who are interested in the food industry. The support to be given to the successful franchisees would be great and will include counter lay-out design, and assistance in hiring and training of crew personnel.

Kowloon House Product Line:

Siomai (Pork, Beef, Sharksfin and Chicken)

Siopao (Pork, Bola-bola, Sausage and Jumbo, Chicken Asado/Bola-bola Jumbo Pao and Mongo Pao)

Noodles (Chicken Mami, Asado Mami, Wanton Mami, Beef Mami, Siomai Mami, Asado Wanton Mami, Chicken Wanton Mami, Beef Wanton Mami, and Asado Wanton Mami )


Kowloon House Franchise Details:

  • FRANCHISE FEE – PHP 100,000.00
  • TOTAL – PHP 250,000.00

What are the proposed store location requirements?

  • Floor area should be 15-20 sq. m.
  • Store frontage should be 3 to 4 meters.
  • Should be 2 kms. away from existing KH outlets to ensure better business opportunity

How to apply for a Kowloon House Franchise?

  1. Submit a Letter of Intent with location map that shows landmarks and major streets. Include a photocopy of 2 valid IDs (driver’s license, passport, company ID, etc.) Attach a complete biodata with most recent photo.
  2. Presentation of feasibility study will be scheduled once the proposed site is approved. This will be in 2 days period.
  3. Signing of FRANCHISE CONTRACT and payment of the applicable fees follows.
  4. Counter construction cost is at Franchisee’s expense. A counter lay-out will be provided by Head Office.

Inspections will be conducted periodically during counter construction to ensure conformity to Kowloon House standards. Hiring of personnel is at the discretion of the Franchisee.  However, it is mandatory that all hired personnel undergo a 7-days crew training program conducted by Kowloon House. Mandatory equipment, supplies and food products must be procured from Head Office. Requisitions are done daily and these are delivered at night, unless other arrangements are made. Payment of all delivered goods and supplies are done weekly. For obvious reasons, information regarding profit margins, operational systems and procedures and product transfer costs must be confidential until you have been accepted as part of the company’s Franchise Family.

Should you need further information about this, you may call Kowloon House during office hours, Mondays to Fridays 9am-6pm.

Contact Details

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/Kowloonhouse

Email: kowloon.house@gmail.com

Phone Nos.: 372-36-85 loc. 111

Address: #16 West Avenue Barangay, West Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines

Contact Person: Marie Gonzales (Franchise Officer)/Dominic Bulatao (Franchise Assistant)