SLP Farming For Beginners: 4 Things To Know

SLP Farming For Beginners
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Axie Infinity (AXS) is one of the non-fungible token (NFT) games that has grown in popularity in the GameFi world and the Philippines in particular. According to Statista, this blockchain-based game was the highest valued cryptocurrency in Vietnam as of 2021, with a market value of about USD$2.5 billion. In another global survey conducted on Axie Infinity player share per country, the researchers found that 40% of the total number of Axie players are from the Philippines.

Though AXS was founded and established in Vietnam and has a strong foothold in Asia, it has now become a global affair as there’s increased growth in players worldwide. That’s probably because it’s engaging for gamers and also follows the play-to-earn model, providing worthwhile rewards.

Farming Smooth Love Potion, more commonly known as SLP, is one of the quickest ways to earn while playing AXS. Players aim at earning maximum SLPs daily, which they can spend in-game to breed new Axies or trade them in the market for real money. If you’re an Axie newbie, here are four things you’d want to learn as you get started farming SLPs: 

1. Methods to earn SLP in Axie Infinity

To participate in the Axie Infinity game, you must buy at least three Axies, which can cost over USD$1,000. There are two game modes: arena, which involves an online player vs. player (PvP) mode, and adventure, which is player vs. computer.

In previous seasons, players could farm SLPs by completing the daily quests, battling monsters in adventure mode, and competing in arena mode. However, starting season 20, you can only earn SLP by battling other players in the arena mode. This has reduced the daily SLP supply by 56%.

Many players see arena mode as a great earning potential per match but demand energy for one to earn SLP. Remember that one match uses one energy point. You can only earn SLP when you beat your opponent, and the amount is based on your matchmaking ranking (MMR). The higher the MMR, the more the rewards.

For instance, if your MMR is between 1000 and 1099, you can earn 3 SLP. On the other hand, if you have an MMR of 2000+, you can net between 12 and 18 SLP per win. You can also earn more SLP by defeating an opponent with a higher MMR than yours and less if you win against one with a lower MMR than you.

Generally, as a player, you have the potential to earn more if you master the cards in the arena matches. Here are two tips to maximize the SLP you can farm in a day:

  • Invest in a strong team of Axies to supplement your gaming strategy
  • Understand how to spend your energy points in a game to fight more battles and increase your earning potential

After getting your rewards, you can convert your SLP to your preferred currency. If you reside in the Philippines, the current SLP to PHP’s conversion rate is 0.226621 PHP per SLP. 

2. How to increase your energy when farming SLP 

Unlike the adventure mode, energy is required to earn SLP when playing an arena match. One excellent way to farm more SLPs is by increasing your daily energy. That’s because the total SLP you can gain daily equals the SLP you earn per win depending on your MMR, multiplied by the daily energy and average win rate.

SLP Farming
Axie. Photo from Adobe Stock

The energy points you get per day and the refill time depend on the number of Axies you own. Therefore, you can boost your energy levels and regenerate more by holding more Axies.

For example, the maximum amount of energy you get for three to nine Axies is 20 and a refill time of 5 energy every 6 hours. In contrast, the daily energy for 20+ Axies is 60 with a refill time of 5 energy every 2 hours. You’ll want to increase your SLP farming gains in a day by investing in 20+ Axies. This way, you can get a maximum number of battles in the arena.

3. How to claim your SLP

As a newbie, you must understand how you can claim your hard-earned SLP farming returns. To do that, you should transfer your withdrawable SLP to your Ronin Wallet. Below are the universal steps to follow: 

  • Log in to your AXS account and connect it to your Ronin Wallet.
  • Check the claimable SLP amount in the ’Claim Tokens’ menu and when you can unlock them.
  • Select ’Claim SLP’ to transfer your SLP to the Ronin Wallet.
  • Confirm the claimed amount in your wallet.

4. Ways to use SLP

After farming enough SLP, you can choose to do either of the following:

  • Trade it at crypto exchanges

You can exchange SLP with other players at top crypto marketplaces for an economic value. Even so, remember that the SLP prices are subject to changes due to the volatility in the crypto market.

For example, as of July 2021, SLP witnessed a surge, increasing to USD$0.399727, it’s all-time high. In 24 hours, it rose by 18.08% to $0.28. During this period, AXS traded at $17.81, 5.43%, and 5.28% higher than Bitcoin and Ethereum, respectively.

Therefore, it’s best you keep your eyes on the market for fluctuations to exchange your SLP at the best rates and avoid a loss. Also, you’d want to choose an exchange site with considerable transaction charges. 

  • Use it for breeding Axies

Like pets, Axies can breed to create new offspring. However, you can only reproduce an Axie seven times before it can stop reproducing. Usually, SLP is used as a currency for breeding. The first breed usually costs 150 SLP and increases gradually in the subsequent cycles, up to 3,150 SLP for the seventh breed.

  • Use it to purchase real items

Many establishments now accept SLP as a mode of payment for items like electricals in specific countries like the Philippines. That’s highly likely for countries where Axie Infinity is more prevalent, so there is a high demand for SLPs.


SLP farming can be an ideal investment option if you’re looking to protect your earnings and generate more wealth in the crypto market. That’s because it’s an easy-to-learn game that can earn you significant gains by just playing for a few hours during your free time. Above are some things to know to help you farm more SLP daily and maximize your profits. For more information, consider consulting experts who can help you perfect your gaming skills. Also, you can use online resources to learn more about how you can take your SLP farming to the next level.