Here’s A Whole Guide: What Is QuickBooks Hosting?

QuickBooks Hosting guide
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The modern era has been revolutionized by taking appropriate measures of what actually can be done to fill the loopholes. One major issue that was faced by most businesses previously – was the inability to work on the same set of data at the same instant of time. As there be problems, there also be solutions that might not come to us frequently sometimes but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. QuickBooks Hosting Solutions is the most suitable solution for issues faced by several organizations long back. 

QuickBooks Hosting: What It Means? 

Most of the businesses that were already fixed with QB accounting software have instantly added the benefits of QuickBooks cloud to their business. Hosted QuickBooks is the simplest way to integrate your business-related data & files in a single place in the cloud. Powered with the technology of cloud computing, QuickBooks in the cloud means to install your current QB Desktop version on the server’s network hosted over the Internet which lets user access any file from any place using the web browser.  

What is the Strategy QuickBooks Hosting Follows? 

Many times, users who keenly want to outscore their reach towards innovations get confused between QuickBooks in the cloud & QuickBooks for a desktop. To understand How QuickBooks in the cloud works, the below points will help you: 

  1. Once you decide to integrate data in hosted QuickBooks, the very first need for integration is to install licensed copies of QuickBooks on the server of the provider. 
  2. After checking license authenticity, the user can access the main server using the Internet along with accepting certain assortments i.e., the configuration process starts: 
  • Broadcasting of security steps to assure the security of an application. 
  • Accommodation of server to provide ease of accessibility for the user can access hosted data on Windows Cloud Desktop using any device such as a tablet, smartphone, or desktop while working on different operating systems as well. 
  1. Almost all UI, features & other functionalities remain the same on that QB desktop just the user needs a web browser or RDP shortcut to access QuickBooks in the cloud. 
  2. Lastly, all the changes made will be saved automatically on the hosted QB and all the authorized users can confront them. 

What Makes QuickBooks Hosting Superior To Traditional QB Desktop? 

Some major limitations of QB Desktop version accounting software are focused on below: 

  • Limited users can access data 
  • Unavailability of Remote access feature 
  • All data/files are stored on a local device thus the risk of data loss occurs 
  • Team members cannot collaborate in a real-time environment 

So, these all are the major issues that are making traditional QB accounting software a pristine less accomplished software that is lacking in many terms. 

The major benefits users will get as perks of mitigation with the cloud are given below: 

  • Complete Backup options to negate unexpected data loss. 
  • Tracking of data in the real-time environment. 
  • Ease of file sharing with unlimited users. 
  • Minimization of huge IT costs. 
  • Enhanced data security 

These are almost all the features that are making the traditional QuickBooks desktop version better than that of QuickBooks in cloud hosting. 


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