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Buko ni Magic Franchise

Due to the scorching heat and humid temperature in the Philippines nowadays, it is a great idea to have Buko Ni Magic sprouting everywhere, especially in areas that have high pedestrian count like city centres, shopping malls,

Buko Nut Food Cart Franchise

Buko Nut Food Cart Franchise is one of the single food cart franchise packages being offered by Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc.  Their products are generally buko based drinks which include their Buko Fresh, Buko Shake, Buko Pandan and Buko Ube.

C8 Buko King Food Cart Franchise

C8 Buko King Food Cart Franchise is one of the franchising concepts being offered by C8 Best Franchising Corporation, a Philippine based company offering a variety of food cart businesses to Filipinos. As their name suggests, C8