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C8 Best Franchising Corporation

C8 Best Franchising Corporation, based in the Philippines, is a company offering more than 20 different food cart franchise business concepts.  One of their company mission is to provide an opportunity to different classes

Empeño-Reyes Foods Company Limited

Empeño-Reyes Food Company Limited, a Philippine based company, aims to promote healthy living to the Filipino consumers by preparing healthy and nutritious snacks at affordable prices.  They go under the trade name “Kuya’s Special”

Fab Suffrage Inc. Franchising Company

FaB Suffrage Inc. mission is to help establish every Filipino who wants to build their own business that is based on good services and quality products to offer. The company’s proven and tested business system

Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc.

A company that was built to help out Filipino Entrepreneurs, it has expanded its franchise networks to provide quality products and fulfill its commitment to Filipino people.  Filtrepreneur keeps extending its invitation to qualified

Food Cart Avenue Franchise Company

Food Cart Avenue is an independent support institution that works with IAM Worldwide Corporation, a marketing company incorporated on June 27,2016 under Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). IAM Worldwide Corporation’s mission is to “upgrade

FoodcartLink Services

FoodcartLink Services (FCL) is a newly established company which started June of 2011.  They are offering business packages that are unlike the usual food cart franchising systems wherein the clients does not pay any

GYOB–Grow Your Own Business Corporation

Grow Your Own Business Corporation (GYOB), a Philippine based company, sells various affordable food cart franchising business in the country.  Their food cart franchise packages sells their own version of most of the popular

JC Franchising Incorporated

JC Franchising Incorporated, a Philippine based company, was established in 2006 by two entrepreneurs Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang Jr.  Both saw the market potential of the food franchise business which then led them

KJA-Global Franchising Company Inc.

KJA-Global Franchising Company Inc., is a Philippine based company who are offering product distributorship through franchising.  They are developing products and business opportunities to Filipinos of all classes such as the working class, retirees,

Lush Group of Companies – Fruitas Group of Companies

Lush Group of Companies was established by Lester Yu and it started as the Lush Corporation back in the year 2002 in the Philippines.  The company started by offering and selling fresh fruit juices