3M Pizza Pie Franchise

3m-pizza-logo.jpg3M Pizza Pie formally opened its doors to franchising their product in 2007.  It was founded by Merle B. Hemedes after coming back from the US in 1969.  They were the first commercialized Filipino pizza that pioneered pizza kiosks in the Philippines.  It became instantly a hit since they opened.  With its crispy thin crust, unique, sweet and home-style sauce, Filipinos instantly loved the taste

In 1996, the company was reincorporated under the name Supremo’s Food Corporation.  In 2006, under new management, 3M Pizza Pie reinvented the brand and upgraded its image to capture the new Filipino market.  The franchise operations formally started in 2007 during the Philippine International Franchise Expo. Since then, 3M Pizza Pie has already opened more than 40 franchised outlets scattered around the Philippines.

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El Bonito’s Franchise

el-bonitos-logo.jpgEl Bonito’s Ultimate Pizza Experience started in June 2002 by a young couple.  It’s name was taken from their first born son who was just 8 months old during that time.

They first started selling pizzas in bazaars, a couple of “tiangge” and school events in Manila.  After getting a positive feedback from customers, they were encouraged to put-up pizza food carts inside schools and company canteens.

In 2010, their first mall food cart opened in the New Divisoria Mall in Binondo, Manila.  They then ventured into having their product franchised.  Their franchising system was developed with the help of RK Franchise Consultancy Inc.  They are also a proud member of the Filipino International Franchise Association (FIFA).

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Pizza Pedrico’s Franchise

pizza-pedricos-logo.jpgPizza Pedrico’s Franchise is under the mother company Jimini Pizza, an established pizza company in the Philippines.  When they first entered the market, they offered a different concept of presenting and selling pizzas – four different flavored small whole pizzas in one box, at an affordable price.  This made it possible for pizza lovers to try out four different flavors of pizzas with the same price as other affordable whole pizzas. 

Pizza Pedrico’s currently offers 7 pizza flavors, 3 pastas and 1 pizza bar.  Its pizza flavors include its chorizo and cheez, ham and cheez, sausage and cheez, cheez and cheez, ham + sausage and cheez, ham + pineapple and cheez, and sausage + pepperoni and cheezIts pasta include the great white, red fox, and cheezy chums.  Its pizza bar is a yummy burger chunks in pizza sauce and cheese enveloped in two soft and chewy pizza crust.

Pizza Pedrico’s is a member of the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA).

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Pizza Pinoy Food Cart Franchise

pizza-pinoy-logoPizza Pinoy Food Cart Franchise is one of the single food cart franchise packages being offered by Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc.  Their main product is a variety of pizzas which include flavors Keso Hamon, Chili Tuna, Longanisa Fiesta, Viva Carne Norte, Pepperoni, and Pizza Pinoy Pinoy Special.

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