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Kulpy Chicken Franchise

Korean founder and owner Lee Sang Jun, Chief Executive Officer of SN Industry, started the business in South Korea way back November 2010. Its products are so irresistible which paved way to branching out

Chicken Charlie Franchise

Chicken Charlie was introduced in the Philippines in 2010, as the first in terms of double-fried chicken. Inspired by American and Korean fried chicken, the Filipino people who have the passion for fried chickens

BonChon Restaurant Franchise

A Korean global quick service restaurant that literally means “My Hometown” in Korean language, originated in South Korea in 2002. Mr. Jinduk She, the owner and founder of BonChon Restaurant passion and dedication to

Kalsig Franchise

Every Filipino loves to eat. They’re quite known for huge food feasts. From burgers to chicken to pork – they’ll pretty much consume anything. Kalsig knows this and it has started Kalsig franchising to

Chicken Tsunami Franchise

One of the biggest deep-fried chicken house chains in the South nowadays, Chicken tsunami indeed brought Tsunami to its loyal customers. Chicken Tsunami serves tasty and the freshest fried chicken with unlimited rice, who

Prito Paborito Franchise

Fried chicken has always been appealing to the taste of every Filipino especially the little kids. And if you venture into this kind of business such as the Prito Paborito franchise you will surely

Emma’s Chicken House Franchise

The owners of this restaurant are hard working couple Bebot and Emma Sasil, who started this on their own and with just one staff to help them out. They opened it in 1999 in

Arthur’s Fried Chicken Franchise

It started mainly to cater students, employees and other localities who love the fried chicken it serves due to the good quality, unique taste and affordability. Slowly, it has increased the number of diners

Max’s Restaurant Franchise

There are a lot of things to consider when you are thinking of investing in a franchising business especially if you plan to franchise with one of the country’s leading and reputable restaurant chain

Bigg’s Franchise

The Bigg’s Franchise was first established as Mang Donald in January 18 1983 as a take out window by three friends who just wanted to give the food business a try.  Generally, Bigg’s Diner mainly