Body and Sole Franchise


body-and-sole-logoIt was the CEO of body and Sole Spa Mr. Johnie C. Lim, who conceptualized the idea of complete body relaxation at a half cost. This, paired with passion and dedication in his work has made the company earn loyal customers is something that is hardly achieved in the spa industry. The reputable and award winning spa, takes pride of several branches nationwide nowadays. But the company continuously explores partnership with qualified and deserving entrepreneurs who are interested in health and well being business industry. Join the proud recipient of the Philippine Marketing Excellence Award as the Most Outstanding Massage Spa in the Visayas and Mindanao in continuing the legacy it has started – giving every Filipino client a great massage and spa they will ever experience in very affordable price!

Body and Sole Franchise Details

Requirements for applicants: 

  • Completed Franchise Information Sheet
  • Must be willing and able to invest for site construction, amount ranges from Php200,000.00 to Php 400,000.00
  • Must be passionate in the service industry 

Franchise Fee:

Starter Franchise Php 200,000.00 which is good for 3 years

  • Php 10,000.00 upon signing of the info sheet
  • Php 190,000.00 upon contract signing
  • Renewable for another 3 years at Php 150,000.00

Model Franchise Php 300,000.00 which is good for 7 years

  • Php 10,000.00 upon signing the info sheet
  • Php 190,000.00 upon contract signing
  • Php 100,000.00 upon completion of construction
  • Renewable for another 7 years  at Php 150,000.00 

3% of gross monthly sales must be paid as royalty and advertising fee.

Body and Sole Franchise Package inclusions:

  • Trade Name, Design and Logo
  • Evaluation of the site
  • Technology Transfer
  • Interior design
  • Personnel Training
  • Operating Business System
  • Accounting
  • Supplies and Equipment Access
  • Marketing and Advertising Support
  • Pre and Post Opening Assistance
  • Periodic Review of Staff and Personnel
  • Offerings of Future Services
  • Constructions Supply Credit Line
  • Spa Association Accreditation 

Proposed lot must be at least 70 to 80 square meters and preferably with high pedestrian traffic and with allotted parking slots.

Contact Details

If you’re interested in getting a Body and Sole Franchise, contact them through any of their contact details below:



Phone Nos.: (032)254-9639, (032)254-5026

Fax Nos.: (032)254-5026

Mobile Nos.: 0922-819-5716, 0933-340-0712

Address: Body and Sole Spa Franchise Corporation, Suite 139 Ground Floor Raintree Mall, Fructuoso Ramos St., Cebu City, Philippines