Small Business in the Philippines: Must-Have Qualities for every Entrepreneur

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Be your own boss – this is without a doubt one of the most common goals of many Filipinos. Everyone wants to enjoy the freedom of running their own business and the potential to generate a steady stream of income from such. To be successful in your small business in the Philippines, it is important to have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, which will help guarantee the achievement of your goals.

In the rest of this post, we will discuss some of the qualities that every entrepreneur must have. By having these traits, crafting a success story willbe more possible.

Must-Have Qualities for Every Entrepreneur


In business, like in everything else in your life, patience is a virtue. No successful business is born just overnight. With this, you should be patient enough to wait for the right time wherein your business will succeed.


To be able to establish a profitable business in the Philippines, another thing that will be needed would be your creative skills. When confronted with stiff competition, your creativity will allow you to offer products and services that will stand out from all others. It is important to think out of the box to be able to offer something new, which your customers cannot find from anyone else.


Successful entrepreneurs are ambitious. Even if it is just a small business that you are starting, you should aim high and your vision should be complemented with actions in order to pursue what you want. Your ambition will fuel your desire to do more.


Yes, it is god to be ambitious, but this does not mean that your ambition will be out of this world. When setting up your ambitions, being realistic will help. From creating sales forecast to planning your future strategies, stick to what can realistically happen.


In everything that you do for your small business, it is important to put your heart into it. If you are choosing what business to start, you should think of one that you are passionate about. If you love what you do, every challenge that will be encountered along the way will surely be easy for you to surpass.


Be confident about your business as such will help to drive its success. One of the ways of being confident is to self-promote your business. Self-promotion is often an underestimated tool for marketing, but it is surprising how effective such can prove to be when it comes to letting others know about what you can offer.


No one ever said that success is one thing that is easy to achieve. To be able to climb the ladder and be fruitful, you need to persevere on your way up. Regardless of what happens, make sure that you never lose the determination to succeed in whatever you are doing.


Because you are managing your own business, it is also critical to have the discipline that is required. Even if you are the owner of the business, this should not give you the reason to have lack of discipline. In fact, this should give you with more reasons to do what needs to be done.


It is also important to have concern about other people. Your goals should not be only focused on what you want to achieve. When running your own business, always think of other people, especially your employees, as well as the community in general.


From the very start, you should have a clear vision, which will help you to plan your strategies. You must identify the goals that you wish to achieve, and more importantly, the things that should be done in pursuit of such. You must have a clear visualization of how you see the business flourishing in the years that will come.


If you are putting up a business wherein there will be employees, you need to learn how to become a good leader. Through your leadership skills, you will be able to influence other people to act in a way that they have the same goals as yours. Be the leader your employees will love and in turn, this will make them do their best.

Listening Skills

A successful small business entrepreneur is a good listener. You listen not only to the employees, but to the suggestions of other people, specifically on how you can improve your products and services. Even if what other people say are negative, you should know how to listen and take their concerns constructively.

Sense of Ownership

This simply means that you should have a sense of responsibility. Do not view the problem of the business as the problem of other people. Think of it as yours basically because you are the one who owns the business.


It is important to always have a positive way of thinking, regardless of how bad things are. Always be hopeful that there will be a bright future for the business. Use your shortcomings and failures as inspiration to do better.

Risk Taker

A lot of people could have been successful if only they tried and if they became brave enough to let go of what ifs. As a small business owner, one must know how to be a daredevil. Always remember – the higher the risk, the higher the return.


Successful entrepreneurs are not born nor created in just a day. The road to having a successful business can be long and tough. However, if you have the essential qualities, your journey to the top can be easier.

There is no definitive guide on how you can be successful with your small business in the Philippines. Nonetheless, if you have the qualities that have been mentioned above, you will have what it takes to be the entrepreneur that will be an inspiration for many others.