Business for Fitness: A Profitable Business in the Philippines


Being health conscious is becoming a norm nowadays where a lot of people are giving importance in taking care of their health. We would find in our Facebook newsfeed that some of our friends have recently participated in a fun run in BGC or at MOA. Or maybe you see a picture of a fruit and vegetable diet regimen that they are undertaking. You may also find some recent check-ins of your friends to their neighborhood gym, a boxing or perhaps dance class.

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If your thinking well I should now invest into a fitness store or perhaps own a gym! Well, you better read this first. It is not as easy or as simple as it gets just like any other endeavors. The market of health conscious individuals is a big plus but the thing is, how can you take most of the advantage of the growing number of healthy living people and make it a profitable business in the Philippines.

Baby Boomers

These are the age group who were born after the Second World War, between 1946 and 1964. They almost dictate the market needs. Today they are 45-60 years old and that is why the market is inclined to health maintenance. If you’re shocked as you read this, just watch some T.V. advertisements of health products, juices with added vitamins and even water with vitamins!

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Fitness Gym

A gym is the first thing you might want to consider investing into. A lot of people go to the gym after work 2-3 times a week. This coming Christmas season, this will rise up especially on New Year. What do you need to focus on if you want to venture into this business?

First and foremost are the equipment like the set of dumbbells, barbels, and the different huge equipments for the chest, back, abdomen, legs, and the whole body! Every needed basic equipment must be present. Second, for those who want to lose weight and for warm-ups,treadmills are also needed. Lastly people prefer air-conditioned gyms and drinking fountains. Lockers and shower rooms are also a must. You can also sell refreshments, supplements, protein shakes, CBD Protein Powder, and food.

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Rates can be per visit or by membership if they also enroll to a number of training sessions with a licensed gym instructor. On commercialized fitness gyms like Gold’s Gym or Fitness First, in order to access the whole facilities, one must be a member of a minimum number of months. Payments can be automatically debited on their credit card or they can pay the whole amount in cash. You can offer promos and reasonable terms for your customers.

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Spa and Massage Clinic

A lot of you may have thought about this one. Spas and massage parlors are best situated near offices where tired employees and owners might visit for a relaxing and soothing massage. If you have visited and tried these services, you might find something in common. The low lighting and the aroma coming from the scented candles fills up the place.

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For spa, a set reclining chairs or  lazy boys is one investment. A good air conditioner is also a must. A massage bed is definitely a major requirement for massage clinics to have. The of course the oils, the rocks, and other things needed to execute the different kinds of massage should all be in your inventory.

Rates are normally  per session. You can arrange for a contract with a business establishment where-in their employees can have a discount or free spa and massage per month.

Dance Studio

According to my friend who owns a gym, most of their revenues came from the dancing sessions like Zumba. The difference between this and the ones conducted for free inside malls or outside the town plaza is that it provides more interaction between the trainers and the students. Also the training is exclusive to those who enroll.

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Having a huge dance hall and another room of two for other lessons is the major requirement here. An excellent audio surround system is also a requirement to create a positive and ecstatic ambiance. And of course the big mirrors attached on the walls. Yoga mats are also required and also some weights.

Rates are per session or you can make a contract that will enroll them for the next 10 sessions they attended, which will save them more money.

Yoga and Martial Arts

Your dance hall can also hold Yoga classes and since you invested in yoga mats, they will definitely be utilized. A lot of people also love to try yoga and stretch their bodies out. A good air conditioning system is also needed since people will be perspiring a lot here.

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Martial Arts like Taekwondo, Jujitsu, Karate, Judo and the like can also utilize your dance hall and hold classes. Especially during summer when parents want their children to learn other things aside from school, these classes will be attractive to them.

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Rates here are per session or by enrollment basis. Just like on dances, a contract will also be attractive on the customers because they save more money in the long-run.

Boxing Gym

Boxing has also captured some individuals who want to try other ways of enjoying being physically fit. A boxing ring is the major priority here to simulate some sparring sessions. The equipment like weights and heavy bags for strength training, boxing mitts for speed training are also needed. Then the boxing gloves and the boxing headgear is also needed though most boxing gym requires their customers to buy their own set of gloves for hygienic purposes.

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Things To Consider

The demand for fitness-related businesses is high which make them one of the best business opportunities in Manila. With the use of contracts and membership, your fitness business can turn into a passive income generating business. The success will still depend on how customers are satisfied with your services. Take note that they can switch services with other fitness owners if they were not satisfied with yours. Building a long-term relationship with your clients will definitely make yours a profitable business in the Philippines.