Pancake House Franchise: One of the Best Business Franchises in the Philippines?


pancake house 01With the many various franchising business emerging in every corner of the country, deciding for the best franchising endeavor have become daunting at times. But to avoid from too much confusion, you must see to it that you will only settle for the best. One of the best aspects in selecting the perfect franchise is the reputation of the franchising company as well as the award they have garnered for their outstanding performance in the business. And one of the best and multi-awarded business franchises in the county today is the Pancake House franchise.

Pancake House emerge in the country last 2000, but it was established originally on 1970. They are popularly known for serving delicious food, outstanding customer service and great dining atmosphere. One of their specialties, as their name implies, is their various pancakes.  They have already gained reputation for their brand of excellence and creating generations of customers that have remain loyal to their superb quality and delectable product. They also extend their business endeavor by opening their franchise to the market because it’s their aim to become even more established throughout the country. Their franchise opportunity is readily available for prospective franchisee who can commit to the financial investment and who bears an expertise in the related field as per company’s requirement.

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If you are decided to invest in Pancake House franchise, you will receive a wholesome franchise package that’s filled with benefits upon granting of the franchise. This includes the company’s full support to make your business venture a success. To ensure that you will have a good start in your business the company will provide corporate personnel to handle the evaluation and analysis of the desired site for the store since it is the main factor to determine the business success. They also offer assistance in the evaluation of the franchisee’s investment by providing market study forms and guidelines. Included also in the franchise package is the construction of the prospected site in a period of 45-75 days.

Not only that, they also provide all the equipments needed to run the store. The store outlet will follow a building specifications provided by Pancake House since most of their equipments and other items are custom-made exclusively for the company such as the kitchen and dining structure, their furniture and fixtures, interior and exterior decor, equipments and among others for the operation of the store outlet. The company also guarantees that you will leverage in your investment by providing continuing support within the operation of your store outlet.

And the most important of all is the management assistance offered by the company to oversee the planning of the business, the hiring and training of personnel as well as the marketing support is very well provided. And since Pancake House franchise is engage in food service, franchisees are required to strictly follow and adhere to the Pancake House standards in cleanliness and food services in order to uphold the company’s quality and reputation. Along with the company’s goal and core value you are assured that your business venture with Pancake House Inc. will success and grow.

How much is the Pancake House Franchise Fee?

The Pancake House Franchise package ranges from P9 million to P12 million, which includes the franchise fee, store construction, equipment, furniture and fixtures, manpower hiring and training, marketing support, and operations support.

What is the required area for a Pancake House Store?

The required floor area for a store ranges from 100 sqm to 120 sqm.

How long is the Pancake House franchise term?

The franchise term for a Pancake House store is 10 years and it’s renewable for another 5 years.

Contact Details

If you are interested in acquiring a Pancake House Franchise, you may contact them through any of their contact details below:

Phone No.: (02)894-2000, (02)812-0651

Fax No.: (02)812-3747, (02)894-3385, (02)813-2628

Address: Pancake House Group, #2259 Pancake House Bldg., Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati City, Philippines