A Short Guide To Accidents In The Workplace

Guide To Accidents In The Workplace

The public image of the company, as well as the productivity and safety of its workers, can be destroyed because of accidents that may happen during the work shift. So many people have specialized jobs, and if they receive an injury, they can be prevented to work or to fully work to their potential, which may harm the project plans of the business itself. In this post, we’ll be discussing the main issues related to accidents in the workplace.

Numerous situations and accidents can cause injuries. They can be life-threatening or can cause psychological, emotional, and physical damage. With that said, here is a short guide to accidents that even you can encounter in your workplace. 

Machinery and Electrics

Machinery can be a safety hazard if not properly guarded. That is why accidents can occur to anyone who is dealing with heavy machinery. Even though these unfortunate events are more often in factories, they can also happen with farm and construction equipment. If body parts are stuck or get caught by flying objects from machines or moving parts like gears, the results may be disastrous. There is no need to mention in which ways you may suffer the consequences, as you can guess, they are not naive. 

The part of the machine that may cause harm must be safeguarded, so the potential mechanical hazard could be avoided. Owners of companies are obligated to obtain protective clothing at every cost. In case you are working in an environment where there is exposure to open wires or cords and faulty electrical outlets, there is a chance that you can suffer from electrocuted related injuries. From hitting underground cables while they dig or by working with/around power lines, some workers can suffer electrocution. 

That sort of injury can be very dangerous and can even end up being life-threatening. Workers need to receive proper education from their bosses that will ensure the possibility to evade electrical hazardous situations. Of course, gear is also a must. 

Losing Balance

This one may sound at first glance silly, although is more common than one may think. Wet floors, icy surfaces, or scattered debris and cords, as well as uneven and unstable walking surfaces that have poor lighting, can be places that can induce accidents to happen.

People might just slip and fall. A fall that one might have can lead to very serious events like gaining traumatic brain injury, soft tissue damage, strained or torn ligament, and broken bones.

Many of those things are possible to avoid if the entrepreneurs that lead the company equip and properly train their staff to clean up everything that can cause harm. If they do not provide such training, or if an accident happens and proven to be a result of neglect in providing safety measures, the lawyers at Preszler Law say that they can be filed with a personal injury case.

Accidents In The WorkplaceAnother solution to prevent such mishaps is for facility managers to mark anything that is uneven or other slippery hazards like flooring that just cannot be addressed as promptly as they should. On doorways, businesses should put non-slippery mats

In the construction industry, slipping is the number one cause of death. Many of them, unfortunately, fall off ladders, scaffolding, stairways, and other platforms like roofs into their demise. Poorly designed structures may be the cause, as well as inadequate usage of safety equipment. 

Too Much Pressure

Overexertion injuries are one of the most common and may occur in a single incident. They can usually be related to trying activities such as:

  • Lifting
  • Holding
  • Carrying
  • Pulling
  • Throwing

It is also possible for those mishaps to happen as a result of working for years on repetitive activity. Overexertion can lead the worker to the harm that may be everlasting. The potential problems may be chronic joint pain or lower back injuries. 

Every professional company should have special safety training that will teach its employees how to properly perform physical tasks that involve heavy lifting. Naturally, break and proper gear should also be a must, just like for the next situation.

Repetitive Movements

These may not be termed as accidents in the workplace, but they’re still dangerous for a business and its employees. There are types of injuries that are caused by repetitive motion. Usually, the excessive repetition of small tasks, like working with a computer mouse or working on an assembly line may be the cause to create this cumulative trauma. This repetitive motion can cause carpal tunnel syndrome

There are proper ergonomic work techniques that all workers should be trained properly. Entrepreneurs should also provide proper ergonomic equipment to their workers, as well as the break time. That is the only way to prevent such injuries. 

Accidents Caused by Violence

Although it may sound hard to believe, sometimes disputes that can erupt between coworkers can escalate into violence. Another example is when a worker might bring domestic issues in the workplace. Depending on your job description, for example, if you are working as a delivery person or in a store, you could be assaulted by a customer or even attacked by a stray dog. 

Whatever may be the case, every employer should provide violence training to their employees so that these conflicts wouldn’t go too far and, as a result, injure someone. It is also important to create channels that are used for communication where suspicious activity may be reported. 

If you need some tips for managing your staff, read this.

Dealing with Explosives and Fires

One of the most common injuries is, unfortunately, caused by fires and explosions that may happen in the workplace. Risk factors may be open flames, gas lines that are faulty, and even improperly stored combustible materials. 

Damages to the body can be great. It is possible to receive varying degrees of burns, damage to the respiratory system, and disfigurement also can occur. The highest casualty rates are these types of accidents. Fires and explosions may cause 3 percent of injuries of accidents in the workplace. 

Accidents In The Workplace Can Happen…

While at your workplace, it is always the best option to be prepared for the worst possible scenario. Have in mind that the safety of your coworkers as well as yours is the most important thing. It would be wise to attend courses or seminars where you could learn how to prevent certain accidents and how to react in case any of them happen. Hopefully, none of these will occur, although it is never a bad thing to take a few precautionary measures, in case they do.