Develop Your Brand With Custom Mylar Packaging


Custom mylar packaging is the next best thing in the product packaging industry. It’s a revolutionary material, lightweight, cheap, durable, and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your product needs. Without a doubt, product packaging is the easiest way to build your brand, it is the most recognizable image of your product and one that consumers will remember and look for when they go shopping. 

Custom mylar packaging lends itself to customization that can be fashioned into any configuration to suit the needs of your product and reflect the character and value of the brand. The packaging of your product should be well-thought and strategic, it should provide your customers with an invitation to try the product even before they see what is inside. 

Admit it, there are times when a certain product catches your attention and interest because of its packaging, sometimes people even buy stuff not because of the product but because of the packaging. Although it does not mean that the product should be inferior and the packaging superior, but rather that both product and packaging should be in congruence in order to build a superior product.

The Benefits of Custom Mylar Packaging 

Custom mylar packaging is a new packaging material that is safe and sturdy to hold any product from small items to those over a pound, it can hold wet and dry materials, from food to chemicals, and a lot more. It can be used as packaging for a wide variety of products and it can be fully customized from color, shape, size, thickness and it can even be printed with your brand logo and color to develop your branding. 

Custom Mylar PackagingCustom mylar packaging is USDA and FDA compliant, it is food grade and can protect your products from heat, moisture, light, oxygen, and even rodents. Thus, when you use mylar packaging, you are assured that your products will keep fresh longer and be safer and more secure. 

A damaged product due to flimsy packaging is a wastage and will significantly cut into your production costs and profit. Also, it would be a very frustrating experience for the customer if they open the packaging and find that the product has been damaged or worse has gone bad because the packaging did not protect it. 

Moreover, using custom mylar packaging is cheaper than most materials, but it has greater functionality and applicability thus driving the costs of packaging to a more manageable figure.

The Varieties of Custom Mylar Packaging 

Custom mylar packaging comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes for every product that you may have. It has six basic colors, it even can come in a clear one so that customers can see the product and engage them through it. 

It can come in child-resistant bags for those products that might be harmful to children and will also keep the product safe at the same time. It can come in a wide assortment of sizes, thus you can order the size that fits your product and hence spend less on the packaging. 

Mylar packaging can stand on shelves or it can also be hanged for a more attractive display. Moreover, it is biodegradable and safe for the environment, it eliminates the need for bulky packaging or even the use of tins or plastic that does not help the environment at all. 

Consumers nowadays are more eco-friendly, they would like to continue buying products that support the environment and not contribute to pollution needlessly. Lastly, the mylar packaging can also be printable, which means that you do not have to do the printing manually, it saves you time and costs, and you can even ask for a design or submit your own and you can have it printed in your ordered mylar packaging.

Printable Custom Mylar Packaging 

They say let the product speak for itself, and to some degree, it is true however, the packaging also does a lot of the talking. To position your product in the market strategically, using custom mylar packaging will get you there. 

Since these packaging bags are fully customizable and printable, there is no limit to the design that you might think of, from the more modern, clean, and utilitarian design, to the more crafty and artisan design, from a myriad of colors that would complement the color of the bags and the product inside it. 

The bags can be printed using laser printing or plates, the difference of which is in the bulk of bags to be ordered, if it is smaller bags and fewer in number, the laser printing is more appropriate but if it is for bulk orders of more than 5,000 and bigger bags, the plate printing is applicable and will be more cost-effective.

Ordering Custom Mylar Packaging 

To order custom mylar packaging, you can search for vendors and suppliers online, they usually have websites and ordering forms, although this is a convenient way to order, it is much better if you can contact someone from the store to talk to and discuss your order. 

What the website can provide you with is samples and images of the mylar packaging they have in stock, and how it could be presented, and the options available to you. Send an email or call the contact number on the website and wait for them to contact you via email, or if there is a customer service chat option, you could also contact them there. 

Once you have gotten hold of someone from the store, then you can discuss the kind of packaging you need and ask for a sample design if you do not have one yet, or if you do present your design and ask them if they can work with your design. Then proceed to order if you have agreed on a design, with the specific sizes and design, the minimum order is usually 5,000 pieces although you get discounts for higher volume orders. The processing time is about three weeks not including the delivery time so if you have a target date to beat, then order as early as possible.


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