7 Benefits of VoIP for Managing Your Remote Team in 2021

Benefits of VoIP for Managing Your Remote Team
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When it comes to implementing contact strategies, small enterprises have an edge. Despite the fact that they may not have the same funds that large enterprises can approach, virtual phone services allow an organization to maintain professional communication without breaking the bank. 

For small enterprises to be cost-efficient and worthwhile, a VoIP service is crucial that will provide multiple benefits. In addition to improving communication in small trades, VoIP local phones are beautiful in that they are able to offer a wide variety of benefits. 

Every enterprise type has experienced changes as a result of the global pandemic. Work-life balance has been reevaluated as well.

Some companies may have decided to not change how things are done because everything would gradually return to its usual status. However, remote working isn’t going away anytime soon, and so if communication has been a challenge until now, it is in the greatest interests of any company to find an answer as soon as possible.

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) has allowed companies to get in touch with staff as well as customers irrespective of their location.

What is VoIP?

The first thing you should know is the exact description of VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol is a form of communication that utilizes a connection via the Internet. It converts a person’s voice into a digital signal that is accessible by a computer, a VoIP phone, or a data-driven device to make a call. Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger are popular examples of everyday communication tools, but they don’t enable most enterprises with the functionality they need.

Let’s Talk About The Benefits of VoIP

1. Total flexibility

VoIP keeps you attached no matter where you are. No more worrying that you can’t perform your work. The important thing that you must have is connectivity with the Internet. From there, you can establish a business phone call no matter your whereabouts. 

According to GoogleOnlineFax.com, VoIP provides limitless support for your clients or customers so that you can always be there in times of need. As a result, you can handle your team remotely without the need of handling them physically.

2. State-of-the-art communication features

VoIP allows you to communicate in a more advanced way. You can run your business using VoIP’s exceptional features. VoIP may have lots of features, but normally, it includes the following. 

  • Receiving and placing calls
  • Voicemail accessibility
  • Auto attendants
  • Recording calls for future use
  • Contact manager
  • Voicemail to email
  • Calls forwarding and rerouting

By utilizing VoIP technology, you can now take calls through your computer or mobile phone. A fine example of this is the Google Voice app. In addition, you can choose from various VoIP service providers. VoIP offers the features and functionality to meet all your work-related needs.

3. Enhances your output

Staff working distantly may make employers alarmed about their productivity. With VoIP telephone systems, these concerns can be eased, thanks to VoIP’s various features. Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) conducted a recent study and discovered that more than 30% of the companies surveyed experienced a rise in productivity.

Employees who work remotely must demonstrate self-discipline and remove distractions from their own lives. When the place of work is at home, employees should be able to work with greater ease, which equates to higher productivity.

Keeping employees focused and motivated can help keep them working remotely.

4. Great savings

Remote management is incredibly cost-efficient, and VoIP phone systems can actually save businesses money. First of all, a home office can be set up without purchasing and installing expensive hardware. An option to traditional handsets is VoIP, which you can access via a pc or smartphone.

It should be inexpensive to maintain communication with foreign employees if they travel abroad since they are being called via the Internet instead of using traditional phone lines.

5. Minimizes stress for your remote team

Even so, this still isn’t taking into account the annoyance people experience each day when they must go to work. In addition to the wasted time that resulted from long commutes, managing crowds causes stress as well. Slowly, stress destroys an individual’s health in various incidences, including their physical health. Employees could save a lot of money on medical bills and consultations with their healthcare providers.

Working from home would also lessen stress by letting workers stay with their families. This will give them quality time to spend with their families: spouse, and anyone that lives with them.

Moreover, parents wouldn’t feel sorry about leaving their kids with someone to take care of them. If a person is already a homemaker, this would be a great opportunity for them to make some money while also being able to take care of their family. All of these advantages are possible through telecommuting via VoIP.

6. Scale your team easily

Your business may grow to the point where you have to hire additional staff, which proved to be expensive with a conventional phone line, as it would demand new hardware and time to train your staff. Voice over IP reduces costs significantly.

Benefits of VoIP
Scale your team easily. Photo by Christina @wocintechchat.com on Unsplash.com

Providing headsets to employees at their computers or letting them use mobile VoIP can save organizations money since you do not need to purchase new phones for every employee.

With VoIP phone service, you should not have to worry about added communication costs as your team grows.

7. Maintain a healthy relationship with your clients or customers

A positive and long-lasting relationship with the customer begins with good communication. It can be frustrating for customers to try to contact a company when it is difficult. However, VoIP phone services offer businesses the ability to reach customers anytime, anywhere.

You can take calls from home by either using your desktop or mobile device if your business offers flexible working hours. A member of staff can transfer the call or set up a three-way call to talk to a colleague who is helping the customer if a problem arises. They can also message their colleague via instant message. Therefore, a customer will not wait long for a callback and will be satisfied with the standard of customer service provided.  

Final thought

There are still lots of benefits and advantages that you can get and apply by using VoIP technology. Businesses need to distinguish themselves from the crowd in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Whether the business is in the office or from your spare room, a VoIP phone system can help create a professional figure for your company. There are companies, like Telnum, that offer you the flexibility to adapt to your business needs, increasing employees’ competence, and enabling you to always put your customers first. 

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