4 Basic Ways to Boost Your E-Commerce Revenue

Ways to Boost E-Commerce Revenue
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Using the right strategies, e-commerce websites can reach a much wider audience and boost sales through online marketing. These strategies are often created with an emphasis on building user trust and confidence by providing information that is valuable to customers. Below are some of these helpful strategies today.

1. Leverage Conversion Rate Optimization 

It is a continuous process that involves analyzing results to uncover opportunities for improvement, then making changes to improve customer behavior and increase e-commerce revenue. CRO can involve testing different types of content or layouts, altering messaging, or simply encouraging customers to take more actions on your site.

CRO can also help e-commerce companies improve their SEO by reducing bounce rates, click-through rates, and increasing time spent on a website. It is especially useful for sites that have a high percentage of returning visitors who know what they’re looking for and just need an easy way to get there.

One of the most effective CRO strategies in use today is called “ab testing,” which involves showing one group of customers an offer with a certain design while another customer group receives a different version. You can test things like elements of your homepage, the copy on product pages, the checkout page, and even the entire sign-up flow.

Once you’ve identified the most effective version of your offer or design, you can use multivariate testing to boost e-commerce revenue by using it on all of your offers within a certain period of time. This approach will ensure that you maximize conversions for all of your traffic.

2. Prioritize Mobile Ease Of Use

Mobile devices have become a primary way many people access the internet and interact with content online. The number of phones and tablets in existence is growing rapidly, and their processing power continues to grow as well. More importantly, though, people are using them more to consume information than desktops or laptops. As such it’s important that any marketing or e-commerce site has its mobile UI designed for usability.

E-Commerce Revenue
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All sites that have a following on social media or are regularly accessed via mobile devices should be designed for ease of use. It might seem counterintuitive to prioritize page-loading speed over graphical elements or other content on your site, but the truth is that people are impatient. As any marketer knows, consumers are always looking for ways to save time and money. If you’re not utilizing every possible tool at your disposal to make loading quick, they’ll find a competitor who will.

3. Extend Customer Engagement With Mobile Push Notifications

Another way you can boost your e-commerce revenue is to begin sending mobile push notifications. This tactic provides an opportunity for marketers to re-engage with customers at moments when they’re most likely to be interested in a product or service.

As they spend most of their time on mobile devices these days, people are no longer restrained by location when it comes to shopping. With push notifications, marketers can catch the attention of targeted shoppers even when they’re sitting at their desks, meaning you don’t have to rely on foot traffic or SEO to generate sales.

This tactic is especially useful for e-commerce companies that sell products with a long shelf life like makeup, supplements, or shoes. Marketers can send notifications to customers at the right time in their journey to inspire purchases and build loyalty. 

One way marketers are using push notifications is to remind shoppers about items they’ve already added to their carts. You can set up a customer journey map and analyze the drop-off points between adding an item to a cart and completing a purchase. Then, you can send notifications at those specific moments to re-engage with customers and boost your e-commerce revenue.

4. Leverage Email Marketing For More Revenue

It’s no surprise that more than half of all internet users check their emails on a daily basis, so it only makes sense that marketers are using this channel to boost e-commerce revenue. Email has become one of the most powerful tools in any marketer’s toolkit, and its ubiquity is part of what makes it so effective. 

According to Marketo’s 2018 Lead-Generation Benchmark Report, marketers are using email marketing as the most effective tactic for lead generation. With 80% of respondents indicating they’d rather be contacted by email than any other channel, there aren’t many other methods that offer such high ROI with little competition.

The above tips should help improve your e-commerce revenue and maximize conversions. By using dynamic content and CRO strategies, leverage email marketing, prioritize mobile use, and ensure that you’re always engaging customers with the most effective and relevant offers at every phase of the customer journey. Used together, these tactics will help boost your ROI to new levels

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