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C8 Halo Halo Food Cart Franchise

C8 Halo Halo Food Cart Franchise is one of the franchising packages offered by C8 Best Franchising Corporation.  Based in the Philippines, C8 Best Franchising Corporation mainly offers affordable food cart franchise packages to

Candy Corner Franchise

Candy Corner is the first outlet in the Philippines that offers customers the experience of choosing and combining their own selection of sweets from an assortment of novelty confectioneries.  They first opened in October

Chingu Buko House Franchise

Chingu Buko House was established in March 22, 2010 in the Philippines and as their company name suggests, they serve a variety of buko made food products.  Their main product is their buko juice. 

Colours Soda Floats Franchise

Colours Ice Cream Soda Floats was established in 2008.  It serves a variety of flavor of soft ice cream and soda floats.  With its colorful, fun exciting looking ice cream cart, it surely will

Cookie Chef Food Cart Franchise

Cookie Chef Food Cart Franchise, a business that started in Mindanao, offers a variety of oatmeal cookies at affordable prices. Oatmeal is considered as a healthy food and offering it as a tasty cookie

Edice Co. Japanese Cakes Franchise

Edice Co. Japanese Cakes started in the middle of 1985.  It offers a variety Japanese buns filled with different flavors each.  Consumers can choose from these delicious flavors of Japanese cakes which are the

Emerald Durian Franchise

Emerald Durian was born in 2006 in Davao by a couple at the time when they were having a hard time selling the extra durian fruits they were harvesting from their farms.  Their initial

Happy-Haus Donuts Franchise

Happy-Haus Donuts is under the Happy-Haus Food Corporation, the mother franchisor.  This company, comprised of veteran individuals of the donut industry, was established in 2005.  It not only creates high-quality and affordable donut products

House of Desserts Franchise by LGC

Fruitas House of Desserts is another brand name that is open for franchising by the Lush Group of Companies, the company responsible for the brand Fruitas in the Philippines.  House of Desserts caters to

Krispy Creme Franchise

Krispy Kreme first opened its door in 1937 by Vernon Rudolph. Vernon began his journey when he bought a special yeast doughnut recipe from a New Orleans French chef. Once he had the recipe