How to Start a Bubbatealicious Franchise


bubbatealicious-logo-1.jpgBubbatealicious Pearl Milk Tea Place began in 2009.  They offer a brewed Chinese tea mixed with a variety of flavors such as fruit syrups, milk, fresh fruit bits, chewy tapioca and coconut jelly.

Customers can choose from these available flavors Pearl Milk Tea – royal milk tea, taro milk tea, caramel milk tea, choco milk tea, strawberry milk tea, blueberry milk tea, and matcha milk tea.  They also offer Pearl Fruit Teas with these available flavors – wild berries, mango delight, kiwi and dew, and strawberry passion.

With the bubble tea becoming more and more popular for its healthy benefits, Bubbatealicious started offering a franchising business to the public.

Bubbatealicious Pearl Milk Tea Place is a member of the Association of Filipino Franchisers, Inc. (AFFI).

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Bubbatealicious Franchise Fee

Bubbatealicious franchise costs P350,000 for a three year term.

Franchise Fee Inclusions

  • standard food cart
  • equipment and utensils
  • office supplies and cleaning materials
  • initial inventory and consumables
  • personnel training service
  • site evaluation assistance
  • central purchasing
  • opening assistance
  • no royalty fee

Contact Details



Telephone nos.: (02)376-6052, 0932-456-9540, 0920-539-0448

Address: 30 Scout Tuazon St., Quezon City, Philippines