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phoenix-logoLast August, Ukraine imported natural gas from Europe at an average price of $360.9 per 1,000 cubic meters, whereas in July its average price was $360.2, in June – $366.9, in May – $364.7, and in April – $375.8, according to statistics. Gas prices are rising up but what’s new? The ones most affected by these changes are the consumers. It’s pretty hard to find a good gasoline station nowadays to offer competitive prices. Luckily, just like its name suggests, Phoenix franchise is here to help consumers rise from the ashes from being burned by the current gasoline’s prices.

They have started way back in 2005 with their first outlet being in Davao. Since then, they are all over the country. In 2012, they were ranked 36th in the country’s top 10,000 corporations. If that’s not an impressive feat, I don’t know what is.

They offer a lot of services. For one, they partnered up Malayan Insurance Co. to offer loyalty rewards program to their consumers. The best thing about it is you can avail of their program at over 200 of their stores nationwide.

You can either be a dealer. They can provide you with:


  • Site Evaluation Assistance and Station Lay-Out Assistance
  • Pre-opening and start-up assistance


  • Provision of Station Equipment (pumps, tanks and signage)
  • The Phoenix Franchise Operations Manual
  • Technical Training
  • Continuous research and product development
  • Continuing visits, guidance and business evaluation support


  • Use of Phoenix brand, system and design
  • Local marketing and promotional assistance
  • Sales territory protection


There are a hundred and one reasons on why a lot of people are partnering up with Phoenix Franchise. The brand is well known and they are one of the few companies out there that continues to grow.

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Phone No.: (82)235-8888

Fax: (82)233-0168

Address: Phoenix Bulk Depot, Lanang, Davao City, Philippines