Anytime Fitness: Is This One of The Best Franchise Business Opportunities?


Are you thinking of starting an Anytime Fitness Franchise? Well, you should know all the small details before, so go ahead and read, and research…

Anytime Fitness was established back in 2002 by two American fitness fanatics, Dave Mortensen and Chuck Runyon. Their unique gym gained popularity rapidly, mainly because it was open 24 hours a day and you could have exceptional workout experience without burning a hole in your pocket. Their aim was to create a gym that not only offers convenience but also a welcoming and upscale environment.

Anytime Fitness is a great workout facility that can fit right into everyone’s hectic routine. All their gyms have the latest security system that grants access only through a designated key. Every facility has state-of-the-art equipment for enhancing the workout experience of clients.

Anytime Fitness Services

Have a look at the services offered by Anytime Fitness:

  • Personal Training: experienced and qualified trainers are provided to guide the customers.
  • Security Systems: all the clubs are secure. To improve the security, cutting-edge security system and software are used.
  • Anywhere Club Access: This enables clients to have access to all the fitness centers of Anytime Fitness all over the world.

One of The Best Fitness Franchises on the Planet?

The Anytime Fitness Franchise program provides business opportunities for all the fitness lovers-Entrepreneurs who want to help people stay in shape. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, Anytime Fitness was ranked as the “Top Global Franchise” in 2017, making it definitely eligible to be on the list of the Best Franchise Business in the world.

Anytime Fitness is definitely a franchise opportunity that is offered at somewhat affordable costs, considering that this is a big international brand. The initial cost and the monthly fees for franchising Anytime Fitness are not as expensive as one would think. This leads to minimizing the obstacles for entering this prestigious club ownership. There are 3,500 Anytime Fitness clubs all over the world, and the total members have surpassed 2 million, and growing.

Watch this quick tour clip into an Anytime Fitness branch:

How Much Will It Cost you?

Investing in an Anytime Fitness Franchise is quite a powerful opportunity to start a business. The total cost of investment in the franchise ranges from Php 7,150,00 to Php 15,625,000. This amount includes the franchising fee of Php 2,700,000 along with VAT. It is possible to reduce the initial cost by having the equipment on lease. Moreover, you can spread your costs into the monthly lease. This will of course result in raising the cost of rent.

Few of the expenses that you will have to spend on include:

  • Monthly Lease
  • Buying the Gym equipment
  • Payroll
  • Insurance

Anytime Fitness Franchise Inclusions

When you get the Anytime Fitness Franchise, you can get the following benefits:

  • You will get complete start-up services: Anytime Fitness will help you in selecting the right site, negotiating a lease, designing the club, construction of the club and marketing campaigns. Moreover, they will also provide training through workshops, annual franchisee conferences, and much more.
  • Ongoing support: Anytime Fitness continues to support the franchisee by creating an online operational manual, webinars and monthly conference calls, online tools for franchisee support center, international conferences, marketing and branding support, and more.
  • Access to the Latest Technology: You will get access to the security systems, vending solutions, membership reciprocity programs, easy to use and latest equipment, evaluation feedback software, and more.

So if fitness and healthy living is your passion, and you got the funding or investors to do it – go ahead and contact AnyTime Fitness…Good luck!

Contact Details

If you want to have Anytime Fitness Franchise, you can reach out to them.


Phone Number: (+632) 631-0454

Mobile Number: (+63917)812-0013 / (+63929)580-4083

Address: 2F Pioneer Centre, Pioneer St.,
Barangay Kapitolyo Pasig City,
Metro Manila, Philippines.