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sizzlin-pepper-steak-logoSteak is American. Some may argue that it is Australian. Some even say that it’s Japanese. Regardless, the love for it is worldwide. There’s a market for it anywhere you go. Steaks are usually grilled, pan-fried, or broiled to perfection. There’s rare, medium rare and well done. It’s your own preference on how it is cooked that matters. Steak stores have been popping here and there. They cater to people’s cravings. Some are expensive that it is considered as a luxury that one may indulge in. Some, however, beg to go with the flow. They offer quality steaks at a much lower price, hence people flocking to their stores to satisfy their cravings.

That’s one of the main reasons why people are starting to franchise a Sizzling Pepper Steak store. They offer quality taste and good food without people having to burn a hole in their pockets. It all started in 2007. Mr Brian Tiu and the Pancake House Group introduced Sizzling Pepper Steak as a new restaurant concept. Basically, they offered a modern way of eating popular beef dishes. They showed Filipinos how to enjoy devouring steaks, made from imported beef and flavoured with high-grade pepper, at incredulously low prices.

Some of their delectable delights are

Sizzlin’ Steaks

  • Seared Prime Rib Eye Steak
  • Choice Tenderloin
  • Chicken encrusted with herbs
  • Pepper encrusted chicken
  • Juicy chicken lathered with special teriyaki sauce

Sizzlin’ Pepper Rice

  • Thinly sliced beef sukiyaki marinated in special sauce
  • Thinly sliced pork marinated in special marinade
  • Japanese inspired cubed chicken stewed in special sauce
  • Chicken pieces stir fried in special teppanyaki sauce
  • Fresh seafood stir friend with bell peppers and onions in teppanyaki sauce

Sizzlin’ Pepper Rice Overload

  • Pork slices marinated in garlic and sweet BBQ sauce
  • Thinly sliced beef marinated in Yakiniku sauce
  • Crab Meat marinated in Yakiniku sauce




  • Their very own burger patty, served with savoury mushroom gravy and veggie sidings
  • Beef burger patty topped with flame torched cheese
  • Beef burger patty served with sweet and savoury Terriyaki sauce
  • Beef burger patty smothered with Teriyaki mayonnaise cream

Pasta Specials

Furai Specials

Moore in Store






Right now, they have more than 20 locations nationwide and they’re still growing. Franchising a Sizzling Pepper Steak store can never go wrong. It’s easy to own one and here are some guidelines on how to be a part of their fast growing company. 


Anyone can own a Sizzling Pepper Steak Franchise. The qualifications needed only are:

Enterprising with strong desire to succeed

Must have a strong background in social skills

Must be willing to undergo full-time training in restaurant operations

Must be hands-on and willing to devote time overseeing day-to-day operations 

Do I need to shell out a lot of money for this?

The package ranges from P7 million to P9 million for a shell-type or retro-fit restaurant and around P8 million to P10 million for a free standing store or stand-alone store. 

Reasonable enough. What does this cover?

This covers the franchise fee, construction of the store, equipments needed, furniture and fixtures, air conditioning, signage and pre-operating expenses. 

Just how big should the floor area be?

For the retro-fit restaurant, the required floor area is between 80-100 square meters.  A food express concept store must have a floor area between 35 – 50 square meters.

What if I can’t find a good location for my store?

No worries as they’re going to help you find a good site to put it up.

Who looks for the location? 

More often than not, the franchise applicant offers or proposes the store location subject to our site assessment and analysis.  The company may also look for the site for the approval of the franchise applicant if he/she fails to provide one.

What if a corporation is interested to acquire one?

It’s possible but the major owner should be the one representing the franchise.

What’s the expected return of investment in this?

There are several factors that determine the ROI. Some of them include sales, the potential of the market, investment cost and the ability of the franchisee to control the expenses of the operation.  If these factors are managed properly, the return of the investment is quite high.

Are there different kinds of Sizzling Pepper Steak Franchise that are available?

The Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak provides a business format franchising system.  The franchise holder acquires a franchising system.  The franchise holder acquires a complete business operation which includes the trade name license, trademark, method and the company’s format of how business is done.

How long is the franchise term?

The franchise term for acquiring one is 10 years.

Can you help me break down the expenses and fees required for this?

The franchise fee of the full restaurant concept required for the franchisees are as follows:

  1. For the first 200 square metres, it’s around Php 1,000,000.00
  2. For each succeeding 200 square metres, there’s an additional fee of Php 1,500,000.00

A continuing licensee fee of 10% of net sales is also charged monthly. The franchise fee for the Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak concept required is Php 800,000.00.  Continuing licensee fee will still be at 10% of net sales charged every month.

Can you help me regarding the products that are going to be sold and the materials that are to be used?

The company will provide the franchisee all products and the formulated ingredients and supplies that are needed. The franchisee may also use designated suppliers of the company according to the specifications set by store operations and in accordance with the provisions of the franchise agreement.

I think that’s fair enough. Is there training involved?

Yes. The training program is provided to the franchise applicant, the management team and service crew. They must successfully complete the program.  The training fee is already included in the initial investment.

Is the company going to provide service continuously? If so, what are they?

The franchisee will receive an operations manual covering the many facets of our store operations.  As these manuals are updated, revisions will be made available to the franchisee. The company shall also give continuing advisory service on promotional, business or operational concerns.  Periodic visits will also be done by our area supervisors to assure that the system is being implemented in the store.

Interested Sizzling Pepper Steak Franchise applicants must send:

  1. Proposal letter addressed to:

Ms. JUDE L. BAGAMANO Assistant Franchise Development Manager CORPORATE PLANNING DIVISION Pancake House Center, 2259 Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati City Tel: 894-2000/Telefax: 819-0084

  1. Location map of the proposed site
  2. Picture of the proposed site 

Contact Details





Phone No.: (02)894-2000

Fax No.: (02)892 – 4975


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