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bukolandia-logoPeople nowadays are health conscious. They tend to switch to healthier products and pick them over artificial and ready to serve ones; case in point – fresh coconut juice. It has a lot of health benefits like:

  • Helps in weight-loss efforts
  • Helps make our skin picture perfect
  • Helps deal with hangover after a night out of drinking
  • Helps with digestion
  • It boosts hydration
  • Reduces and minimizes blood pressure
  • It is rich in nutrients

Those are but 7 of the numerous benefits that coconut water gives us. With this in mind, Bucolandia Franchise was put up. Nothing beats earning money and helping people at the same time. Aside from coconut, they also serve melon, ube, pandan, jackfruits, strawberries and mangoes. The company behind this innovative franchise put up his first store in Bulacan on June 2012.

Bukolandia continues to strive for greatness as the franchises they have keeps on growing. They are located just about everywhere and it’s only testament to how successful they are and how the clientele

are helping their business to grow.

Franchising one of their outlets does not really mean you need to undergo a lot of hassles. It is quite easy and here is a simple guide on how to get started.

The Franchise Fee for a single cart is P25,000 and it includes

  • Equipment
  • Products worth P1,000
  • Crew Training
  • Opening Assistance
  • Notarized Contract
  • Free Supply Delivery

The Franchise Fee for a mall type cart is P50,000 and it includes

  • Equipment
  • Products worth P3,000
  • Uniform
  • Crew Training
  • Opening Assistance
  • Notarized Contract
  • Free Supply Delivery 


The Franchise Fee for a mall type cart with a side cabinet is P75,000 and it includes

  • 2 heavy duty blender
  • 1 bottle puncher
  • 1 cooler
  • 1 ice crusher
  • 1 can opener
  • 2 measuring cups
  • 2 funnel
  • 2 sets of uniform
  • 265 pieces 330ml bottle
  • 200 pieces 500ml bottle
  • 120 pieces 1 litre bottle
  • 1 box milk creamer
  • 6 litre syrup
  • 1 pack disposable gloves
  • 1 pack tissue
  • 1 straw holder
  • 1000 pieces drinking straw
  • Bottle holder & caps box
  • 1 pack coconut meat
  • Opening with balloons
  • On-site training of crew
  • Notarized Contract

The Franchise Fee for a king size cart is P100,000 and it includes

  • 3 heavy duty blender
  • 2 bottle puncher
  • 2 ice crusher
  • 3 cooler
  • 3 measuring cups
  • 3 funnel
  • 3 can opener
  • 4 tower dispenser
  • 4 sets of uniform
  • 530 pieces 330ml bottle
  • 400 pieces 500ml bottle
  • 240 pieces 1 litre
  • 1 box of milk creamer
  • 20 litre syrup
  • 2 pack coconut meat
  • 2 Caps box and 2 bottle holder
  • 2 pack disposable gloves
  • 2 pack party tissue
  • 2 straw holder
  • 1000 pieces drinking straw
  • On-site training of crew and balloons opening
  • Notarized Contract

Don’t hesitate and manage your own Bukolandia Franchise now!

Contact Details

Contact them at:

Website: www.bukolandia.weebly.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bukolandiashake

Mobile Nos.: 0923-261-3850, 0917-981-8259, 0921-545-5909

Address: MD’Z FOODCART CONCEPT, Bocaue, Bulacan, Philippines


  1. Dear Sir/Madam

    Please let me know the franchise package cost of buko landia. proposed location davao city

    Ulysees Garcia


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