Good Business in the Philippines: Evaluating Its Potential

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The search for a good business in the Philippines is a pursuit that requires patience. In order to determine the feasibility of the opportunities that you will be confronted with, there is a need to exert time and effort to be provided with the guarantee of making a decision you will never regret. Regardless of how excited you are to get started with your entrepreneurial endeavor, make sure to proceed with caution.

As you keep on reading the rest of this post, you will know more about some of the things that will help you to evaluate the potential of a specific business idea. From a financial forecast to market research, there are many things that should be done before you can decide to give the business idea a go signal or keep on looking for other possibilities.

Consider the Need

Is there a need for my business idea? This is the first question that should be asked as it will be highly indicative of its potential in the market. If there is a need for it, this means that there is a potential to attract people and make them buy what you are going to offer.

Your business idea must be able to fill a gap in the market, offer a solution to a problem. Think of something that is missing, something that is not yet available, and something that is needed by people.

Research about Competition

Another important thing that should be done is to perform a research of the competitive landscape. This will help you to determine your position in the market and the likelihood of succeeding. Rather than being part of an extremely saturated market, you can create your own niche by providing something that is not yet being offered by any other business.

As you do a research about your potential competition, you should also evaluate their strategies. This is going to provide you with insights on what will work well for your idea. Successful business stories can provide you with the inspiration to pursue your goals.

Research about your Customers

Your customers will be the backbone of your business as your profitability will depend on them. Therefore, as part of evaluating your business idea, you should also think about the specific group of people you will be targeting. This will depend on the product that you will be offering.

Research about your customers should include their demographics and buying behavior. You might need to take advantage of various strategies, such as performing surveys and interviews in order to know how the customers feel about your business idea. If it is well-received, you have a good reason to proceed.

Consider Trends

Keep in mind the fact that the market trends are changing frequently, and hence, you should aim for sustainability. The latter means that you should offer a product that can withstand the changing trends in the market. If not, your success may be evident only in the short-term.

Your long-term viability will be assessed as you take a look at the trends in the market. Even if it is just a small business in the Philippines, trend analysis will prove to be necessary to have an intelligent forecast of how you will be able to confront the shifts in the demands of the market.

Cost-Profit Analysis

When evaluating the feasibility of your business idea, another important thing to consider would be the financial aspect, especially cost-profit analysis. Basically, this will entail the need to determine how much capital will be needed, and consequently, how much money you can make from the business. The goal, of course, is to make a profit within the shortest period of time that is possible.

If the cost-profit analysis shows that it will take too long before you can have returns on investment, rethink about the business idea. After all, no one would want to spend too much in a business that does not guarantee favorable financial returns. You might want to hire an expert in finance to help determine the financial feasibility of your business idea.

Identify Resources

Money is an important component of your business, but it is not everything. You should evaluate what resources are needed and find a way by which such can be available. Human resource, for instance, is critical for any business.

You should have the resources that are available to bring your idea into fruition – people, technology, and capital, among others. If you do not have these resources, better think of an alternative business idea, specifically one where you will have the resources that will prove to be essential.

Ease of Entry

Evaluating your business idea will also require the need to take a look at how easy or difficult it is to penetrate a market. There are some industries that are pretty much welcoming for new entrants, which means it has an excellent potential. There are some, however, wherein competition is already intense and small players are most likely not going to succeed.

More than competition, government regulations, such as business requirements, will help determine how easy it is to enter a specific market or industry. Make sure to take a look at all requirements that will be needed to see if the pursuit of your idea will be an easy feat.


Choosing a good business in the Philippines requires effort on your end. Make sure to be engaged in thorough market research and ask the right questions in order to weigh the possibilities that you will be confronted with.

At the end of the day, however, having the right idea is just the starting point of any business. The more important thing is to have the right strategies that will help to determine how you will move forward and how you can craft a success story that will inspire others.