FOOD FRANCHISE: Understanding Today’s Top Business in the Philippines


The franchising business is not new in the Philippines. This unique business process was already practiced in the past mostly by large companies, corporations, and wealthy individuals who can afford it. But with the introduction of a new franchising trend, which is the ‘food-stall’ business, food franchising has gained a lot of popularity because of its affordability and is now considered as today’s top business in the Philippines.

Aside from its easy and convenient way of delivering goods and services to consumers, it also offers a wide range of options for both the consumers and the entrepreneurs. From the usual food and beverage establishments to other services such as laundry shops, hotels, salons, money-transfers, e-loading, payment centers, and so much more.


Buying a food franchise is the most popular choice for a prospective entrepreneur when thinking of a business opportunity in the Philippines. Filipinos love food! That’s a well-known fact. So it’s not uncommon for food franchisees to generate lucrative incomes annually. Although you can also get a high amount of income by building your own business from the ground up, franchises have unique advantages that are worth considering.

Here are some of the advantages of buying a food franchise:

  1. Eliminate a lot of headaches associated with starting a new venture from scratch.
  1. It is easy and convenient to start.
  1. With the new ‘food-stall’ business trend, it is now much more affordable.
  1. It is also an opportunity for you to benefit by gaining more knowledge, expertise, experience, and be mentored by several food franchisors that has successfully tested and proven this business concept in the market place.
  1. Proven food franchises offer lower risks of failure than unproven franchises or new start-up businesses.
  1. Most food franchises run on a proven concept using established operating system. They already operate like clockwork and it is one of the reasons why it is more successful than traditional food businesses.
  1. A food franchise often offers an established brand name and reputation that is commonly recognized and accepted.
  1. Most food franchises are designed as turn-key operations so you can begin trading with a complete management control, planning, and operational system in place.
  1. It comes with ongoing support and training.
  1. The franchisor usually contributes the system, the know-how, and the business formats. Everything is basically laid out to you and all you have to do is come up with the capital and give enthusiasm, skills, and effort to maximize the opportunities available.

More food franchise startups remain in business longer than non-franchised startups. However, keep in mind that not just because it’s a franchise and it may be a lot safer than other business venture that does not mean that food franchising comes with any guarantees. Business, and more importantly life, doesn’t go that way.

So before you make the decision to embark on a food franchising venture, you need to ask yourself if it is the right path for you to follow. The concept, once you understand it may not appeal you and you may decide that franchising is not for you. Better to know that earlier rather than late when you already invested your life’s savings, don’t you agree?

Bearing that in mind, here are some factors to determine whether franchising or specifically food franchising is the right one for you:

1. Your Personality

This is an important factor to consider since it will play a big part in your success as a franchise operator. Your personality will have a huge impact on your interaction with customers, the franchisor, suppliers, other franchise operators and staff. Cooperation and smooth sailing flow are essential in any business venture, small or big, franchise or not. Constant conflict can be very destructive and demoralizing for you, your business, and to all the parties concerned. So it is really important to decide from the very beginning whether you have the required mental attitude to follow the rules set by the franchisor and conform to the disciplines required to operate a franchise.

2. Your Abilities

This is the part where you must be 100% honest with yourself. What are your strengths and more importantly, your weaknesses or limitations? Although this is something that can be learned, you must still consider if the food franchise business you are trying to get into is something that you can do physically and mentally over the long term.

3. Your Interests

A franchise should not just suit your abilities; it should also fit your interests. Food franchising is one of the most labor intensive businesses and does it will require you a lot of effort and dedication everyday… yes everyday! If you can’t see yourself devoting that much effort, then better rethink your options. The food franchising business might not be the right path for you.

4. Cash Commitment

The perfect food franchise for you won’t necessarily be the most expensive. You can find food franchises that boast both high income potential and low cost. This is the part where you consider your food franchise options. If you are really decided in investing in a food franchise business and you want to franchise something that you really want with the resources you have, then proper research is required.

Buying a food franchise can give you a measure of security, and in some cases, it will be like operating your very own money-making machine. Buying a food franchise can greatly increase your chances of success in business the fact that you may be able to sell food products that have instant name recognition.

Becoming a franchise operator may reduce your investment risk, but like any investment, buying a food franchise, even with its recognized name, does not automatically guarantee success.

So before you invest your life’s savings and sign any contract, thoroughly do your homework and understand first the ins and outs of the food franchising business. If you have the means to buy into the top business in the Philippines, statistics are on your side.

You are now armed with some valuable information about the food franchise business. If you think that it’s the right path for you, then go for it! I wish you good luck and hope you will have an exciting and rewarding career as a food franchise operator.