Razon’s Franchise: How a Family Halo Halo Business Became a Nationwide Chain

Razon's Franchise

Most of us LOVE sweets and desserts. I hardly know anyone who doesn’t. And if you ask Filipinos about their favorite sweets, Halo Halo is always on the top 10 or even 5. One of the most successful Halo Halo Business that grew slowly but steadily in the province (and then nationwide across the Philippines) – is Razon’s of Guagua restaurant. Want to learn more about the Razon’s Franchise and how it grew to become such a nationwide business success? Scroll down…

It all started in 1972, in the small town of Guagua in Pampanga, after three sisters decided to expose a secret family recipe. The family name was Razon and the three sisters were Severina, Elena and Virginia, all unmarried at the time. They had a very special and delicious recipe of Halo-Halo, which led them to open their first restaurant, named Razon’s Halo Halo and Palabok, in Guagua.

After 30 years or so, the Razon’s family started expanding their Halo Halo business, and begun their franchising journey. They expanded to the capital Manila, opening a Razon’s Halo Halo restaurant in the food court of Robinson’s Galleria. Today, the Razon’s Franchise has over 70 branches nationwide, and even a few stores abroad.

What does Razon’s Menu look like?

The Razon’s Franchise has a very specific goal, which is to let Filipinos and Foreigners experience the unique Kampangan food delicacies. You will find in their menu items such as;

  • The famous Razon’s Halo-Halo
  • Pancit luglug
  • Ensaymada
  • Tarts
  • Chicharon
  • Taba ng talangka

Razon’s Franchise: Fees and Investment. How Much Does it cost?

Having your Halo Halo business with the Razon’s family could cost you up to P3 million or more, depending on variables like location, size of store, etc.

The initial Razon’s Franchise fee is P1.5 million. The rest is startup costs, construction, etc.

What Does the Franchisee Get?

The franchise fee packages includes the following:

  • Right to use the Razon’s Brand Name
  • Access to Razon’s Operations Manual
  • Training for Management and Employees
  • Marketing and Advertising Support
  • Pre-Opening support
  • Support and Assistance in the Grand Opening

How fast can you get your investment back? The return on investment (ROI) will naturally depend on your location, management and marketing skills and more…

Contact Information

To get more detailed information about the Razon’s of Guagua franchise, you can contact them at:

Address: 121 Chateau Condominium, Valle Verde 1, Pasig City

Contact Number: (02) 671-55-80 / 671-62-23

Email: info@razonsfoodcorp.com.ph

Website: http://www.razonsfoodcorp.com.ph/