10 Tips for Your Sales and Marketing Plan

sales and marketing plan

Business practices keep evolving and it is necessary to develop a marketing and sales plan to stay on top of your competition. You have not only your usual competitors to consider but also new entrants with products similar to yours who come up every other month.

Any business expert will tell you that every industry is faced with stiff competition. The worst a business owner can do is to stick to the old and tried ways believing that if they worked then, they will work now. If you take little interest in new projects and project support, you may find your business being gradually edged out by the competition
You, therefore, must develop a strategic plan that will get you much-needed sales.

Here is what you need to do:

Make Your Mission Clear
You must understand what your business is about and communicate the same to your team. Understand your business niche by identifying what you do best. Identifying a market for your product and work on the best approach for prospective customers.

Set Specific Goals
These are best set by breaking down activity goals and working to meet them. For instance, your sales team may come up with a specific number of calls and visits they need to make every day. They will also set up milestones and work towards beating them. Make your goals reasonable and track the progress closely.

Budget to Make Your Goals Achievable
You must have enough resources in terms of funds and staff to move your mission forward. That means setting aside funds to invest in marketing your product. The means of advertisement depends on the funds available to you. The mainstream media might be expensive but it has a wide reach. You also have social media, posters and brochures as well as your sales team.

Understand Your Customers’ Needs
Generally, people will buy what they need. However, they might be persuaded to believe that they need what you are selling. Bring out the features of your product or service that meet the customer’s needs and solves their problem.

Create a Positive Image and Maintain it
Delivery of service is very important here. Making contact with new customers or clients and establishing a relationship based on trust and mutual benefits works well in maintaining strong business relationships. Work on getting referrals, developing strong sales skills, and asking relevant questions.

Find Your Purpose in each Sale
What is your purpose for selling a particular product? Who are your targets and why? Once you get to your target, you need to know how you will approach them and what you will tell them. You will also need to work out the questions you need to ask. Know what your proposal is going to look like and when you expect to close the deal. You must be confident every step of the way.

Talk Less, Listen More
Salesmanship may require lots of talking, but you will not find out the needs of your prospects by talking. Ask your questions then actively listen to your customer or client. Once you understand their need, take action.

Be a Strong Team Leader, but Do Not Take the Credit
Your work as a team leader is to provide direction and inspiration. You will take responsibility for your team but you will take none of the credit for their accomplishments. In other words, when things go wrong, it’s on you. When things are rosy, it’s on your team.

Change Your Team’s Attitude
A positive attitude is everything. If your team has a negative approach, it will control your actions and affect your performance and that of your bottomline sales. Work towards changing any negative attitudes.

Deploy Online Marketing
Make your presence felt on online platforms. If you have not, you will need to set up a website for your business and create social media channels for it. The idea is to attract more customers and ply them with strategic marketing information.

Laying out the right strategies will always help to get your business to the desired level and keep you ahead of the competition.