How Purified Water Cooler Can Improve a Restaurant’s Water Service?

purified water cooler

As a restaurant owner or a Franchisee of a restaurant brand, you can understand that all aspects of restaurant delivery must fulfill the client’s requirements and function seamlessly. Water delivery is no exception. If the consideration and commitment to detail that a client wants are lacking in your restaurant, it can easily lead to missed chances for making that client a repeat-client. So how are you going to ensure that every client has a superb eating experience and will come back again? One element (of many others), is choosing the ideal and best bottleless water cooler solution for your venue which can provide an excellent and seamless service to your customers, all while rendering it easy for your employees to handle your water delivery. This is how a filtered water dispenser functions to improve water delivery in all kinds of restaurant, from fine dining facilities to quick-casual venues.

Carafes Quickly and Fill Bottles

The influx of operation may render it hard for employees to deliver beverages in a timely manner when the dinner or lunch influx rush begins. Throughout this period, if clients merely request a glass of freshwater from the menu, it can be particularly difficult for suppliers and staff. If the bar is hit with instructions, filtered water containers can assist your staff to prevent backdrops by reducing the need to ask the bartender for sparkling water glasses.

Selecting your restaurant’s 3-tap countertop water dispenser is an excellent way to rapidly deliver frozen sparkling, still fresh, and natural water to clients. Since these facilities can supply up to 80 liters of water for each hour, they will guarantee that water is supplied rapidly, effectively and without interruption to every client.

Water Serving Tip

Before delivery starts, many establishments use chilled water dispensers to sub-fill glass water cans or bottles. This enables them to deliver their drinks to clients within minutes of sitting down.

Flowing Out of Water is not an Alternative

To a client, there is nothing more annoying than a restaurant that runs out of something they have to buy. Due to the rising popularity of sparkling water, you may discover yourself working too hard on the delivery of the bubbly drink. Worse still, if your restaurant needs quality water right now, you may need to wait long for delivery.

Since a water dispenser links straight to the current water supply of your restaurant, you will never again have to care about running out of hot, bright water. These devices not only provide seamless water transport, but they also enable your employees to be more observant to their other tasks. They will no longer have to spare time to restore sparkling water from lunch or supper delivery.

Customers are Allowed to Pour Their Own

Even if your restaurant does not provide state-of-the-art water delivery, you can still create a high-end dining experience for your clients. Everyone wants to feel unique and cared about, no matter how much cash they choose to spend on a meal. A customer-friendly, 3-tap controlled water dispenser will guarantee your clients can fill their drinks with the clean and tasty water which they appreciate.

These devices are extremely simple to use, it’s even possible for children to assist themselves with either frozen glittering, warm, or ambient water. Bottled air dispensers produce a more upscale atmosphere in even the most informal of dining ideas with their elegant, chrome-plated and tubular metal models.

Setting-up a filtered water dispenser in a restaurant is an intelligent and efficient option for providing improved water service to any client that will eventually make them come again.

A few Tips when You Buy a Water Cooler

  1. The Pawls

Models are constructed with single or double faucets. Others arrive with an additional faucet to supply warm water. These buttons can generally be found in the rear where you can regulate the unit’s warm and cool airflow. This will create it easier for you to save energy.

  1. A Reservoir of Water

 If you particularly have an impact on the flavor of your water with the air tank, you can select from stainless steel or plastic. The one produced of stainless steel, nevertheless, is the most preferred since plastic tends to offer a strange plastic-like flavor. 

  1. Size of the Bowl

If you utilize a water jug or a glass to absorb the liquid, the nozzle volume will vary. The larger versions of water bottles would have the highest nozzle length, and this will allow you to readily load cans as you can simply tap the nozzle at the bottom of the jar.

  1. Cost

These devices come at various rates. This will depend on the brand and its features. The more features it has, the more costly it will be. Select the model with just the fundamental features if you want a device that can match your restaurant budget.

  1. The Unit’s Size

There are different sizes of water dispensers and coolers. Take into account the location of the dispenser. If you don’t have a lot of space, you can go for tabletop dispensers.

  1. Filtration

The water passes through a porous carbon purifier to begin the filtration method. This removes any unwanted bad smells or additives like toxins or petrochemicals. This process provides transparent water for your clients.

  1. UV Technology

UV technology kills the bad bacteria in the water – which can cause all kinds of illnesses. No bacteria can pass through a UV lamp at the dispensation stage.

  1. Final Protection

The initial purification step is to prevent the exterior dispenser by using Biocote, a silver additive that infuses the exterior surfaces – preventing any microbes or microorganisms from growing on it.

At the end of the day, as a restaurant owner – after taking all these factors into account – you should try and get the ideal solution for your venue, and provide your clients with the perfect experience.