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Review Page on Website
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Selling items or providing high-quality services may seem not to be a difficult task. However, it is not as easy as it seems to be. You have to develop your product or service all the time and what is more important, you have to advertise it in many fields. But what to do when your company is popular online but you cannot sell a single item on your site? One effective tool these days is Customer Reviews. You just have to embed customer reviews on your website to build credibility and authority. In this article, we will tell you how to do it in the most effective way.

  1. Review page on website – how to present customers reviews and what is its source?
  2. Learn more about customer reviews and how they can help you to develop your business for the long run.

Review page on the website – how to present a customer review and what is its source?

If you want to embed positive as well as negative reviews from your customers – you can get them from various big websites where customers usually leave feedback about the particular products or services they acquire. Some of these popular sites are Amazon, Allegro, eBay,, Opineo, Trustpilot, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google, Yelp and many more. 

It’s also possible to embed these business reviews from your local selling website where you also may have collected numerous feedback that will encourage people to purchase your product.

When you are getting reviews from customers, it is worth learning more about widgets. These widgets are designed to display the reviews from other websites in a way that will encourage your potential customers to purchase your products or services directly at your website. 

In other words, you do not have to assure your customers that you have a great experience in selling – they will learn about it from the reviews displayed by the smart widget. There are six useful widgets to choose from: JustReview Badge, JustReview Testimonials, JustReview Counters, JustReview Summary, JustReview Stars, and the last one is called JustReview Page.

Learn more about customer reviews and how they can help you to develop your business

Providing customer reviews on your website has many advantages. It is worth getting to know all the benefits of customer reviews which are: 

  • Increasing your sales because your customers trust the positive feedback from other websites
  • Getting new customers based on positive feedback
  •  Becoming a more reliable seller. 

What is more, the reviews will also help you save money for a commission which you will not have to pay to popular selling websites, such as Amazon or eBay. For more advantages of having reviews on your website – check this article.

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