How to Start a Master Siomai Food Cart Franchise


master-siomai-logo.jpgThe Master Siomai Food Cart Franchise Business was developed by Masterrific Foods, a Philippine based company established in 2000, that specializes in the production and distribution of processed meat.  In 2007, the company ventured into food cart franchising business which led to the creation of Master Siomai.  As its name suggests, this food cart offers variants of siomai products, which is a very well known Chinese food in the Philippines.

Their goal is to position themselves in the A, B, C and D markets.  They’ve developed and added to their menu the Japanese siomai and which will definitely differentiate themselves to other siomai food cart businesses.  They also came up with a unique Japanese theme food cart which will give their consumers the feel of ordering from a Japanese food stall.

master siomai menu

Image of Master Siomai’s menu taken from their website.

Food Cart Franchise Fee

The complete Master Siomai franchise fee is P280,000.

Food Cart Franchise Inclusions

The complete franchise business package includes the following:

  • 1 unit Japanese inspired food cart
  • 1 unit 5 cubic feet chest freezer
  • 1 stainless steel siomai steamer
  • 1 plastic juice container
  • complete kitchen wares, plastic wares and others
    • 1 juice ladle
    • 1 kitchen knife
    • 1 chopping board
    • 2 pieces sauce bottles
    • 1 food tong
    • 1 tissue dispenser
    • 1 styro box
    • calculator
    • stainless steel tray
  • initial food and paper products worth P7,000
    • food products
      • all siomai variants (Japanese, beef, pork and shrimp siomai)
      • special siomai sauce
      • chili garlic sauce
      • calamansi
      • gulaman syrup
      • gulaman powder
      • mineral water
      • sesame oil
    • paper products
      • styro tray (dine in and take out)
      • sando bags
      • tissue
      • take out sauce plastic
      • toothpick
      • plastic gloves
      • plastic cups 12 oz.
  • crew uniforms
    • 4 pieces Master Siomai t-shirt
    • 2 pieces Master Siomai sunvisor
  • cleaning supplies
    • 1 plastic trash can
    • 1 plastic broom
    • 1 dust fan
    • liquid soap
    • 2 pieces towels
    • mop
    • chair

Steps in Acquiring a Master Siomai Franchise

  1. Search for your own location
    • If location is inside the mall, you should have an award notice or lease proposal before we can evaluate your application.
    • If location is in a busy street, terminal, school or campus or any public area, you should have a verbal or written agreement with the lessor that the location will be leased by you before we can evaluate your application.
  2. Call Master Siomai to schedule an evaluation
  3. When approved, the interested party shall pay a 50% deposit of the franchise fee to start construction of the food cart.
  4. Business operation meeting
  5. Orientation and training of your crew
  6. Franchise agreement signing.
  7. Full payment upon deliver of the food cart.

Master Siomai Contact Details



Telephone nos.: (02)282-4941, (02)351-1854, (02)355-5323

Address: 88 C. Arellano St., Brgy. Ibaba, Malabon City, Philippines