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Siomai / Dimsum

This is a list of available Siomai and a variety of Dimsum Food Cart Franchise Businesses in the Philippines. This food cart franchise list composes of food carts that offer a variety of dimsum products which include the famous siomai. Other dimsum products are siopao, sharksfin, shrimp, beef dimsum, chicken dimsum, etc.

Siomai, sometimes called pork dumplings, is a traditional Chinese food. It is usually prepared with spiced pork meat, shaped into balls and wrapped in a thin siomai wrapper, it is then steamed until cooked. Siomai has since been reinvented, with some cooks using fillings other than pork. Some food carts also offer fried noodles which you can eat with siomai and a variety of sauces.

Choose from these available siomai and dimsum food cart franchises in the Philippines.