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potato-corner-logo.jpgPotato Corner is one of the first food carts in the Philippines that offered flavored french fries.  It is the brainchild of the Cinco Corporation, which launched its operations in the Philippines in 1992.  Potato corner has been one of the leaders in the food cart, kiosk and counter-type business here in the country.  Now with over 200 outlets nationwide with 70% of which are franchise operated, it’s still growing stronger than ever.  It also has expanded outside the Philippines and now has multiple branches abroad.

Potato Corner is a member of the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA), Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Philippine Marketing Association, GMB Franchise Developers, and the Philippine Retailers Association.  Their franchising system was developed by Francorp.  It has also been awarded Best Franchise of the Year for three straight years by PFA and the Department of Trade.

With multiple varieties of potato fries and flavors to choose from, customers would definitely keep coming back for more.

potato corner products

If you are interested in operating one, there are several Potato Corner franchise packages you can choose from.

Potato Corner Franchise Packages

School Cart – 1.2 meters

For school canteen only

Electrical Load – 40 amps

Franchise Package Fee – P150,000


Standard Cart – 1.8 meters

For malls, shopping centers, commercial spaces, bus terminal, supermarkets, etc.

Electrical Load – 40 amps

Franchise Package Fee – P270,000


Kiosk Design with Roof – 2 x 2 meters

Outdoor kiosk

Electrical Load – 40 amps

Franchise Package Fee – P335,000


Kiosk Design without Roof – 2 x 2 meters

Electrical Load – 40 amps

Franchise Package Fee – P335,000


Kiosk Design with Roof and with Seating – 2 x 2 meters

Electrical Load – 40 amps

Franchise Package Fee – P350,000


Kiosk Design without Roof and with Seating – 2 x 2 meters

Electrical Load – 40 amps

Franchise Package Fee – P350,000


Kiosk Design Dine-In

Electrical Load – 60 amps

Franchise Package Fee – P380,000


Hole in the Wall

Size – Approx. 4 x 4 meters (depends on size of proposed location)

Electrical Load – 60 amps

Franchise Package Fee – P400,000 (may vary depending on the size of the proposed location)


Potato Corner Franchise Package Inclusions

All Franchise Packages are inclusive of the following:

  • cart
  • equipment
  • small wares
  • initial inventory
  • training of franchisee and staff

Contact Details

For more information about the Potato Corner food cart franchise and their other packages, you can contact them here:

Websites: www.potatocorner.com, www.cincocorporation.com, www.ufranchiseasia.com/#!potato-corner-franchise-business/c1zhb

Telephone nos.: (02)534-5846, (02)534-5846

Fax no.: (02)534-5849

Email: ella.bautista@ymail.com

Address: CINCO Corporation Head Office – 869 Katarungan St., Barangay Plainview, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

*all the images above were taken from Potato Corner’s website


  1. Hi good day!

    just to inquire on what are the packages included in 150k fee of potato corner.just interested in putting it in a mall.Is it fine?please do contact me on my no.0939609**** or send me email on the details.thanks so much

    looking forward to hear from u asap.

  2. Hi good day ms. Sheila pls send to my email ung qoutation pr s franchise gusto ngboss q mg franchise thnx… here my email lchey****

  3. Good day
    i would like to ask about the franchising method,how much do i need,(total) in order to make it operational if im gonna chose the –HOLE IN THE WALL-400k?? then how about the contract years?? if im gonna pay the 400k,pde na ba akong mag operate??salamat…please send ur reply in my email–echolima316@yahoo.com…….

  4. It was in SM CITY CAGAYAN DE ORO POTATO CORNER FOOD CART August 30, 2015 when we had our own share of bad service..When we are busy strolling the mall, my daughter went to the food cart because she wants to eat some fries, and of course it was the potato corner fries ever since. Her favorite!

    Well unfortunately the crew said that we have to wait 15 to 20 minutes to be served. I tried to explain but it didnt work. Right there and then my 3 years old daughter started to cry out loud.

    I tried to understand the situation when all of a sudden I saw 3 packed fries available. The crew emphasize that it was not for sale since it was already sold and anytime soon the buyer will pick it up. I even offer to buy it twice the price ! I guess you know what happen next , the crew was very firm about her decision not to sell the fries. My daughter throwing temper tantrums on the floor crying her lungs out begging for mercy saying ” eat fries eat fries!”

    I was really disappointed because the crew did not have the emphaty.

    To the two lady crew? Fuck you!!

    From your loyal customer to now your best enemy ! Hate your foodcart!

    To the management please contact me


    • Huh? YOU and your child were the problem, not the crew. You must teach your child that she cannot get everything that she wants whenever she wants it. You should also learn that you cannot solve everything with money (e.g., but the ALREADY SOLD items for twice the price).

  5. Hi i just want to inquired on what he package in 150k it is a free Potato Corner? Just interested puttting up to the mall. Thank you and please do contact me on my email add. magbuhos_hazel@yahoo.com.

    Thank you.
    Looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible!

  6. Hi good day!

    just to inquire on what are the packages included in 150k and/or 270k fee of potato corner.

    looking forward to hear from u asap.

  7. Hi good day!

    I just to inquire on what are the packages included in 350k fee of potato corner.just interested in putting it in my place cagayan de oro.Please do contact me on my email. chris11945_rey@yahoo.com

    Thank you so much looking forward to hear from u.

  8. March 27,2017

    To whom it may concern,

    This is to inquire on your products and the mechanic on the available franchise set up in your company. I am very much interested and willing to open up store selling your products.

    Kindly send me the necessary quotation, list of requirements and schedule of fees.

    Very truly yours
    Joel torres

  9. Interesado po ako magfranchise details po nung 150k and 270k…ung 150 po ba pede ng ilagay sa mall? Salamat sa respond..

  10. Greetings!
    I am interested to start business Potato Corner Franchise (standard cart).
    Appreciate to receive on how to start with it and steps for immediate processing of necessary requirements. Intention is to put located near school, Imus Cavite.

  11. Ang hirap makipag communicate sa mga tao nyo lalo na sa franchise dept.ninyo maka ilang beses na akong tumatawag para mag inquire sa franchise ninyo pero walang sumasagot sa mga tawag namin. May isang sumagot na tao nyo pero suplada pa na sumagot hindi magandang asal iyon.

    • Hi there!
      For more specific details – please contact the Franchise owner mentioned in the article.
      Contact details are in the article.
      Good luck!

  12. Good day!.. im interested to franchise in Potato corner. You have any office to contact in Bacolod City to discuss your franchising system… and its possible to ask the cost of ur potato by kg, even the oil you use? Please send also the policy if u have.
    Thanks a lot…looking forward!

    • Hi there!
      Please contact the Franchise owner for more specific details.
      Contact details are mentioned in the article.
      Good luck!

  13. To who it may concern
    I live in Sint Maarten the Caribbean island and I would like to purchase a potatoe corner franchise ,please can you send me information about the franchise and the detail
    Charly dahan


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