How to Start a Happy-Haus Donuts Franchise


happy-haus-donuts-logo.jpgHappy-Haus Donuts is under the Happy-Haus Food Corporation, the mother franchisor.  This company, comprised of veteran individuals of the donut industry, was established in 2005.  It not only creates high-quality and affordable donut products but also offers Filipinos a profitable franchising business opportunity.  They are a member of the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA).

They currently have over 40 different flavors of donuts customers can have the luxury of trying out.  These flavors include the Peanut Butter Tsoko, Tsoko Tsoko Mani, Nutty Ring, Tsoko Krunch, Strawberry Ringbow, Tsoko Ringbow, Doble Tsokolate, Tsoko Bavarian, Bavarian, Buko Pandan Delight, Strawberry, Swiss Mocha, Tsoko Peanut, Tsoko Streussel, Tsoko Butternut, Tsoko Supremo, Strawberry Cream, Tsoko Cream, Cake Butternut, Cake Peanut, Strawberry Tsoko Overload, Extreme Tsoko Krunch, Tsoko Banana Krunch, Mochaccino Krunch, Rocky Road, Black Forest, Cookies and Cream, Quatro Tsoko, Butter Streusel Dimple, Krema Mini Haus, Strawberry Mini Haus, Krunch Tsoko, Strawberry Vanilla Flower, Tsoko Orange Flower, Tsoko Vanilla Flower, Rainbow Twist, Krunchy Twist, Nutty Twist, Strawcolait and Tsokovan.


Franchising Fees

Here are the cash investment and franchising fees of Happy-Haus Donuts:

Franchise Fee – P10,000 (non-refundable)

Security Deposit – P20,000 (refundable)

Consumable Items (uniforms, packaging, etc.) – P5,000

Total Investment is P35,000

Happy-Haus Donuts Franchise Inclusions and Benefits

When you get a Happy-Haus Donuts Franchise, you get the following inclusions and benefits:

  • use of business name and trademark
  • utilization of business system
  • quality menus
  • marketing and promotional assistance
  • feasibility study and evaluation of location
  • store layout design
  • store opening and post opening support
  • franchise orientation and on-the-job training
  • extensive crew training
  • showcase (display booth) package lease
  • opening support
    • mascot appearance
    • directional signage
    • balloons and freebies
    • free product tasting for customers
    • regular operation support
    • exciting franchisee and crew incentive programs

Happy-Haus Donuts Kiosk Types

Below are the available Kiosk Types of Happy-Haus Donuts that you can choose from.

Franchising Requirements

  1. Letter of Intent.
  2. Detailed Resume / Bio-data with at least three character References.
  3. Sketch of the proposed / target location or site.
  4. Pictures of the proposed location.
  5. P2,000 Processing Fee (non-refundable).

Franchise applicant must submit vicinity map or sketch of location for evaluation and approval.  The Processing Fee of P2,000 is good for three confirmed sites and is deductible to the security deposit.

Contact Details

If you need more information regarding the Happy Haus Donuts Franchise, you may contact them through any of their contact details below:



Telephone nos.: (02)376-6393, (02)414-4491

Telefax nos.: (02)410-9084

Mobile nos.: 0922-835-8078, 0917-575-7334

Cebu Kitchen: (032)236-6896, 0922-853-9029

Address: Happy-Haus Food Corporation, Suite 1104 11/F West Trade Center, 132 West Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines