How to Start a Mcdonald’s Franchise in The Philippines


mcdonald's-logoBase on statistics of franchise growth over the course of 4 years operation here and outside Philippine’s industry scene, McDonald’s has shown an outstanding performance with its increasing growth that has the potential to become the trend in franchising business. No wonder, large number of McDonald’s chain store is sprouting all over the country. With this fascinating truth, it is likely favorable for a certain entrepreneur to invest in McDonalds franchise if he/she aims to leverage on his/her investment and rake enormous amount of profit.

How Much is the Mcdonald’s Franchise?

Along with several fast food chains thriving in the franchising industry, McDonald’s have come a long way with their business and it’s an assurance that investing with this fast food chain store is never a failure. McDonald’s is considered as the largest food chain in the world for delicious hamburger and among other delectable foods they are exclusively offering. You too can be an owner of this popularly known “love ko to” store if you can come up with an investment cost of Php 25 million to Php 35 million that will largely depend on the building type, size of store, location or site of store and the land whether lease or purchase.


The investment cost includes leasehold and building improvements, exhaust and air-conditioning equipment, kitchen equipment, seating and accessories, signage, emergency generators, cash registers, furniture and fixtures, refundable security deposit and including the franchise fee which is $22,500 payable in pesos base on current FOREX rate. The term of franchise is 10 years or depending on the term of the lease of the land or space or whichever is shorter. McDonald’s franchise is granted only to sole proprietorship of a Filipino citizenship. They don’t allow corporations or partnership and does not grant exclusivity or territorial rights. They grant franchise only in a per store basis.

Obtaining a franchise right from McDonald’s also requires a franchisee’s perfect qualifications which include being a success-driven individual and has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. A franchise applicant must also possess a business background, a Filipino citizen with the financial capacity and who is excellent at handling customers and employees. And since it is a part of McDonald’s aim to provide quality service to the franchise applicant, a hands-on training for 9 months will be conducted and provided for the applicant by highly skilled corporate personnel to enhance and get the applicant ready to operate. Training includes classroom courses, seminars, one-on-one sessions and hands-on work in an existing store.

Within the application process, the franchisee is required to submit a letter of intent enclosing a copy of the applicant’s comprehensive resume. An interview will be conducted if after reviewing the application McDonald’s will consider you a promising candidate. And if you are willing to pursue with the “on-the-job-experience” which is part of the application process, you are required to render a 2-days job in an existing McDonald’s restaurant. After that, if you are determined to proceed with McDonalds franchise application then McDonald’s will jumpstart a formal training for you.

Contact Details

If you are interested in getting a Mcdonalds Franchise, you  may contact them through any of their contact details below:


Facebook Page:

Twitter: @McDo_ph


Phone No.: 8888-500 loc. 5000

Address: 17th Floor Citibank Center Bldg., 8741 Paseo de Roxas St., Makati City, Philippines