PR Gaz Franchise


pr-gaz-logoThis company is the next big thing in the LPG business, due to its continued growth over the years since it has started in the late 1990s. Its LPG convenience stores have expanded and the customers are now relying on its capacity to supply them with quality products and services that include: varied cooking equipments and accessories (regulators, burners, cast iron stoves, clamps and hoses) both for domestic and commercial use and cylinders of various weight. PR Gaz, is the most preferred LPG product by the Filipino consumers to date.

PR Gaz is widely known in Luzon area due to its numerous branches scattered around. It is eyeing for expansion since the demand for its products is getting relatively high. Also, the company is well renowned being one of the first in this kind of industry. Backed by uninterrupted supply, the customers and franchisees alike continued their support and patronage. PR Gaz now employs hundreds of staff and fleets of vehicles for deliveries. In the middle of year 2012, PR Gaz reached the total number of 150 store outlets, of which 113 stores are company owned and the rest are franchises. Store franchises are located in Metro Manila area, Laguna, Cavite, Pangasinan and Zambales.

pr-gaz-01Multi awarded PR Gaz Franchise is inviting entrepreneurs to avail of the package. With the total investment cost of Php 980,000 to Php 1,300,000 for an outlet with an area of 25 to 40 square meters, which includes the initial fee of Php 150,000 + VAT. Franchise fee covers the following: business opening assistance, initial training program and inventory supply, delivery tricycles, other franchise services and support needed to ensure the operation is running smoothly. Also, the entitlement of trademark name and logo use, operating systems access, marketing assistance, business development (ongoing), consultation, guidance and other benefits the franchisor offers. PR Gaz has financing agreement with Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) and Plantersbank, for those franchisees that are not able to shoulder the full franchise cost.

Payback period is estimated to be 2 to 2.5 years depending on the franchisee’s aggressiveness. 1% royalty fee is required for the ongoing services the franchisor provides. PR Gaz Franchise provides training for the franchisee and a senior staff that could go for 5 days at the head office and 3 weeks training will be conducted at any PR Gaz Convenience Store located near the area of the franchisee. This aims to educate the franchisee of the ins and outs of the business, maintenance and procedures as well.

PR Gaz Franchise applicants must be:

  • Hands on and committed to the business
  • Believe that the business has its full potentials and good concept
  • Can fully comply with the franchisor’s standards when it comes to providing quality customer service and store operations

Benefits of the package:

  • The franchisor ensures that the franchisee receives the most comprehensive tools in marketing, operating and selling their very own PR Gaz Convenience Store.
  • Annual franchise conferences wherein they will undergo team building activities, seminars, leadership trainings to further improve the quality of their skills.
  • Company developments updates from time to time.
  • Field visits from the company’s representative regularly.

PR Gaz is recognized by various award giving bodies and has garnered several awards and citations under its wings. Also, the company is an active member of the Philippine Franchise Association and the Association of Filipino Franchisers as well.

Contact Details

If you are interested with the PR Gaz Franchise, you may contact them through any of the following:



Phone No.: (02)571-7771 to 74

Fax No.: (02)571-7775

Address: Retelco Drive, corner E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagong Ilog, Pasig City, Philippines