Tea 101 Franchise



Tea houses have been a blooming business in the Philippine over the past years. One of these is the famous Tea 101 and if you’re eyeing for a Tea 101 franchise, you’ll be provided with credible Bubble Tea products all the way from Taiwan. With a wide selection of flavours such as red beans, 3O jelly, tapioca pearls and nata de coco as well as diverse flavours of their teas like sweet and filling fruit flavoured teas, royal milk teas, plain brewed teas and tangy yakult green teas, Tea 101 Bubble Tea assures the best of its investors and clients’ advantage.

Tea 101 doesn’t only offer a wide variety of their flavoured drinks and sinkers but it also let customer choose from a sugar level of 0% to a hundred percent. It only offers two drink sizes, tall which cost 75php and Skyscraper which cost 85php. Wintermelon Milk Tea, Pearl Milk Tea, Strawberry Milk Tea, Okinawa Milk Tea, Rock, Salt Cheese Milk Tea, Lemon Yakult Slush, Rock Salt Wintermelon, Green Apple Slush, Yogurt Strawberry and Heineken Green Tea are the top 10 best sellers of Tea 101. Tea 101 Franchise is not only a good investment but also a great business since the bubble tea industry has been captivating the eyes of the people. It has been used as a place for meetings or for studying and most of all people has been choosing tea houses to hang out and chit chat. With delicious drinks in affordable prices, Tea 101 is a place where people would choose to go.

If you’re planning to start a tea house business, then franchise and invest in tea 101 Bubble tea house. It will not only guarantee your money’s worth but it will also serve as a good investment.  With a franchise fee of 150,000 pesos and a total capital investment of 300,000-500,000 pesos you can open your own Tea 101 Bubble Tea outlet. Tea 101 offers three packages for franchising the TEA 1.1 Basic counter Package which is inclusive of (a) training support for 3 staffs, (b) a term of contract for 3 years and (c) requires an area of 7 square meters;  the TEA 2.1 In-line store Package which is inclusive of (a) Training support for 4 staffs, (b) a term of contract for 4 years, (c) requirement of 7-35 square meters and (d) a renovation area of up to 12 square meters; and the TEA 3.1 Dine-In Store Package which is inclusive of (a) Training support for 5 staffs, (b) a term of contract for 5 years, (c) requirement of 36 square meters and above, and (d) a renovation area of up to 45 square meters.


So, what are you waiting for? Tea 101 franchise awaits you to start your own business success. If you’re interested please inquire now or get in touch with the contact details listed below.

Contact Details

Interested in getting a Tea 101 Franchise? Contact Noble House now through any of their contact details below:

Website: noblehouseph.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/Tea101TaiwansNo.1Drink

Email: ruc@noblehouseph.com, xtishell@yahoo.com

Telephone nos.: (02)453-5239, (02)453-5240

Fax no: (02)926-3176, (02)455-5562

Address: #187 Mindanao Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines