Commercial Space for Rent / Lease – Pasay City


Commercial Space for Rent in Pasay City

Exact Location:

504 Arnaiz Avenue (formerly known as Libertad St.), Pasay City, Philippines

Floor Area (2 options):

  • Option 1- Upper & lower floor is approx. 40-50 sq.m
  • Option 2- Upper floor is approx. 150 sq.m (until the Ice Cream store) and lower floor is approx. 40-50 sq.m

commercial space - pasay city

Contract /Payment Terms:

  • Minimum of 3-year lease
  • PDC must be given for at least 1 year

Points of Interest:

  • Along main road, high traffic residential / commercial area
  • One (1) block away from Sta. Clara church and St. Mary’s School
  • Three (3) blocks away from Libertad, LRT station

Contact Ms. Aurora De Villa at 843-3875 for an ocular schedule.