Increase Your People Skills Toward a Profitable Business in the Philippines

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In every kind of business, small scale or big scale, involves dealing with people. These people can be your employees or your clients/customers. The success of every business lies on the leadership of its owner over his or her subordinates. We learned in school that output is the result of input and thus the quality of your product or service relies on the input of your entire business organization.

We’ll talk about on how increasing your people skills will result to a profitable business in the Philippines. This is applicable if you have at least 5 employees (business with small capital) or in a larger scale of 50 to 100 people. If you are in Network Marketing, this can also help you in creating the momentum for your organization.

The Four Temperaments

The 4  Temperaments were already created many years ago by Greek physician Hippocrates on his study on human moods. It was further developed by Galen who focused on the reason for the different behaviors in humans and named them as ‘sanguine’, ‘choleric’, ‘melancholic’, and ‘phlegmatic’.

Choleric, melancholic, sanguine, and phlegmatic temperaments
Choleric, melancholic, sanguine, and phlegmatic temperaments (image source:

Since we were a child we acquire the primary temperament from our parents. Then as we grow, we develop our secondary temperament. Events that had a big impact on us can also modify our temperament so it does change from time to time.

Below are each of  the four temperaments defined and how can you maximize their potential to grow themselves and your business as well.

Sanguine Personality

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Sanguine people are the life of the party. They are very out-going and full of energy. They usually are the ones inviting their friends to party and celebrate. They love to talk with people and interact with them. Normally these people have different sets of friends because they simply love people! Sanguine people on the other hand are forgetful of their tasks they volunteered for! Their cubicles and rooms are in a disarray and they are always late.

In your business, sanguine people are best suited for marketing since they love to talk with people even the ones they just met for the first time. During brain storming sessions, they have the most creative and imaginative ideas that will help in your business growth. They are the ones suited for client meetings and presentations because they excel in building relationships.

These people hate a lot of stress so make sure you celebrate your small accomplishments in your business. They also loved being recognized for their efforts. If they do volunteer for certain task, make sure you have other person (a choleric perhaps) to partner with them to get the job done.

Choleric Personality

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Choleric people are goal-oriented individuals. They will not stop until they get the job done. They are the ones who are the achievers during school. They always strive for success and they love challenges. They excel in execution of the plan. On the other hand, they are knownto be straight-forward people. Sometimes they can hurt people emotionally without them knowing it. They can be bossy at times.

In your business organization, they are best placed in the executive position or in the managerial position since they are focused on getting the job done efficiently. If you have a task that needs to be delivered in a rush, they are the best people to entrust it. They are also excellent in delegating tasks to people.

They also loved being recognized for their accomplishments. Since they can be bossy at times especially during stressful days, make sure you give them a break to relax and have fun. Don’t forget to give them goals because these goals are the things that drive them to work hard.

Melancholic Personality

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Melancholic people loves to analyze things and they are good in breaking down a certain plan or project into several bits of information. They are chart-makers, neat, and very orderly. They have the eye for the detail and they are perfectionists. They excel in academics, art, and music. They are the Michelangelo’s and the Beethoven’s.However, they are introvert individuals. They only have selected friends and they don’t easily trust people. They can be moody and sometimes hold grudge towards others.

In your business, melancholic people excel in the making of plans, feasibility studies, and presentations. They can provide useful information because of their eye for the detail. Their sympathy for others makes them as nurturers or the mothers of the family.

Since they love to plan, make sure to give them clear and definite directions since they will follow every bit of it. If they become moody, which can last for weeks and months, talk to them and develop an open communication.

Phlegmatic Personality

The Phlegmatic (image source:

 Phlegmatic people are known to be calm and peaceful individuals. They are good listeners to your problems and they make the best of friends. They are also patient and tolerant individuals. Once they believed in something, they will go for it no matter how hard or how long it takes. They are also the mediators between the other temperaments. On the other hand, they are indecisive when it comes decision-making because they want to please everyone.

They excel in administrative positions because they can listen with other peoples’ concerns and they are great in resolving conflicts. They usually stay for long as long as they believe in the vision of your business. They also excel under pressure so tasks with tight deadlines.

They love being encouraged. Since they love to relax, bond with them but make sure you have a schedule or itinerary because they just go with the flow.

Handling Them In Your Business

 An excellent organization consists of all these 4 temperaments because when they live up to their strengths, their weaknesses will be overcome by the others’ strengths. Success does not only rely on how good your products are but also on people development. If you take care of them, understand them, and empower them, success will just be an icing on the cake to your profitable business in the Philippines.