Best Franchise Business in the Philippines with Small Capital

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Do you live in the Philippines? Are you tired of looking for a job that does not seem to materialize or are you just done waking up every morning to earn peanuts from someone else’s business? Then you may want to consider running your own business. If you are really serious about running your own business you have probably already been told that the vast majority of small businesses started from the ground will fail. The unfortunate news is that this is a true statistic. However, the chances of success when you run a franchise are better. In this article, we look at some of the best franchise businesses in the Philippines you can start with a small capital.

Everybody has something they know they do well. For you, it could be providing food. You have already invested in your training most of the times while you went to school or worked for a company. The main advantage of going for a franchise providing a service you enjoy offering is that you end up actually doing stuff that you love. You know what they say about doing what your love; you will never work a single day again in your life.

Why Franchise Business?

There are a number if advantages with starting a franchise business as opposed to going it on your own. Mark Siebert, writing for the Entrepreneur lists some advantages associated with buying a franchise rather than starting on your own.

Capital. Franchising allows you to grow using the resources of others. One of the reasons many starting small businesses fail is that they either have cash flow problems or they are drowning in debt.

Human Resources. It is difficult for a new small business to find and retain good employees, especially managers. Franchising makes the owner the manager if the business and most of the times the owner of the franchise will assist by training the owner to become a good manager.

Fast Growth. Because you are using a method that has been developed over time you are not going to rely on trial and error to manage your business. In a franchise, the work of getting customers to walk through your door has already been done for you.

Cost Serving. Joining a franchise is joining model that has been tested over time. You run a leaner organisation which increases your profitability.

Reduced Risk. One of the things that give new business people sleepless nights is the risk associated with taking all their life savings and putting them into a venture that may fail.

Mister Donut Franchise

Mister Donut Franchise has its roots in Boston in the United States of America starting in 1955. It has been in the Philippines market since 1982. It has since grown to be one of the biggest donut chains in the country. The franchise now boasts of over 2000 branches inside the Philippines selling thousands of donuts to their loyal customers.


Mister Donut offers several packages. You select the package according to the type of shop you want to manage. Shops you can select from range from dine-in shops, cart franchises, and take away shops. Packages start from as little as P50 000 lasting for a period of two years. At the end of every two years, you will be renewing it for another P50 000. The total investment starts at around P180 000 including your franchise fee for entry level packages such as the food cart. Packages for bigger shops can go over P500 000.

The Banana Experience Franchise

The Banana Experience Franchise is a Philippines-based company which promotes and sells desserts based on the banana. They are famous for the frozen bananas. The company was initially known as The Turon Experience. The name changed in 2009 to the Banana Experience. The franchise managed by the Francorp International Franchising Corp is under the umbrella of the   Philippine Franchise Association (PFA).


The cost of the franchise is P300 000. With this amount, you are paying P100 000 for the cost of the franchise. The other cost is a minimum of P200 000 will depend on the type of cart you select.

Things Included

The money you pay covers the following items.

  • A premium food cart
  • Consultancy and monitoring
  • Equipment for the store
  • Research and development
  • Supplies for the store
  • The packaging and product inventory fir the start
  • Uniforms for the staff
  • Use of the business model
  • Evaluation of the site
  • Support ahead of opening and on an opening day
  • Operational manual
  • Marketing and advertising

The total investment will depend on a number of factors including the place where your shop is located. You could pay anything between P350 000 and P500 000.

Crystal Water

Businesses that focus on something that is a basic need seldomly fail. One of the most important needs in life is water. Many private consumers and companies are starting to realize the importance of supplying clean water to both their employees and customers. This is why businesses supplying water in the Philippines are making money. One of the ways you can get into this market is to join Crystal Water.

The minimum investment required to be part of a water supply franchise in the Philippines will cost you a minimum of P20,000. As a franchise owner, you will be assisted to build a loyal customer base. To learn more about how Crystal Water can help you start a successful business supplying water, you can contact them here.

The franchise ideas we have given in this article are only a few available for someone wanting to go into business but wanting to reduce the risk of failure. Always remember that deciding to buy into a franchise is something that must be done with care. You need to know the kind of franchise that will work for you. Think about your interests and skills. You will do better doing something you like. Look for a franchise which is established and with prospects for growth.