6 Essential Things You Need To Know About Shopify


With technological advancement and readily available internet, many activities are now carried out online, including buying and selling. While you can create your website and sell your products through it, there are many eCommerce platforms where you can create an account to sell your products. Shopify is one of the best eCommerce subscription platforms where you can set up your online store, market, and sell your products. With Shopify, you can run an entire online business or have a physical business – Shopify POS, or both. This article will highlight six of the essential things you need to know about Shopify. Read on for the list.

1. Focus on Mobile when creating your website

Shopify provides users with a web design tool. All you need to do is create the website elements and then have a URL structure for your website. After joining Shopify, the first thing you need to do is to create a mobile version of your Shopify website. Why a mobile version? Eight out of ten clients who shop on online platforms browse from their mobile devices and not desktops. When your Shopify website is not displaying on a mobile device, you won’t get any mobile clients. While Shopify tweaks the site to be visible on mobile, it’s essential to check and customize your website to function and display well on mobile devices. When designing it on Mobile, ensure the header is fixed, the CTA buttons are more prominent, and other practices to avoid losing clients.

2. Always stick with Shopify hosting

You need to make your Shopify website load faster than others if you want to sell. According to research done, most clients will leave sites that load slowly. While you can come up with your hosting, developers at https://www.vincit.com/services/shopify-plus-agency  recommend sticking with the Shopify hosting. Why Shopify hosting? The reason is that it’s relatively fast in loading and comes with a content distribution network (CDN). CDN are servers located in different parts of the world to ensure clients worldwide access the site uniformly without having downtimes.

3. Avoid Using Free Domains

When you create your account on Shopify, you will be given a free account with a free domain. This subdomain has my Shopify add-ons, and sometimes it’s useless for someone who wants to sell on this website seriously. With it, you won’t build a compelling brand, and all your optimizations will go to the Shopify website. Experts highly recommend buying a domain for your Shopify account when starting. This domain will cost as little as $20 but will give multiples of that value. With it, you can build your brand, customize your site with SEO features, and use the same URL when you exit Shopify business.

about Shopify4. Get some Plugins for your site

Shopify has many plugins. It tops other eCommerce platforms when it comes to customizations. It would be best to grab some plugins for your website to make it more presentable to your clients and make selling easier. For instance, you can take the HubSpot plugin, which enables you to automate your marketing activities. The plugin lets you follow up with your clients whether they made a purchase or not. Another plugin you need to take is social, which enables authentication before one makes a purchase. Even though it will cost you, it allows users to make purchases quickly by clicking on the site only once while doing other authentications. 

5. Do not forget to add photography

Shopify does a lot for its clients to ensure they quickly sell to their clients. However, it can’t do everything. Other essential things are missing, including photography for your website. Photography is critical when setting your Shopify website, especially when selling products such as fashion, jewelry, and other accessories. Experts recommend investing in a good photographer and getting the right photos for your website. Building your website with appealing images will attract more clients, making you sell more through the Shopify website.

6. Learn And Incorporate Seo Basics

While it may take time to develop optimized content and link building, it’s essential to learn the SEO basics and incorporate them into your website. While the website has many instruments to use for your business, you must understand them well to sell more through the site. Things to do are optimizing images to increase the site’s speed, optimizing the site map, adding keywords to relevant website pages, adding unique titles, and having Meta tags on every page on your website.

With these essentials, you can effectively run your online business on Shopify. However, it doesn’t stop there. It’s essential to check on agents and get advice on what you can do for your website. You also need to consult other sources to ensure you get the best from the Shopify website.