10 Amazon Seller Tips To Boost Your Store Sales

Amazon Seller Tips To Boost Your Store Sales

Searching for useful Amazon Seller Tips that you can really implement? In this post, we discuss 10 such tips. Being an Amazon seller is becoming a more lucrative option considering the exponential growth that e-commerce is experiencing. It is a very powerful platform that provides many ways for a seller to grow. Here are some pro-tips from people with hands-on experience in the field of Amazon selling.

If you feel like you have plateaued as a seller, or you are just about to begin and want some advice in order to take a more calculated approach, this is what you need to consider:

10 Amazon Seller Tips You Should Know:

1.    Choosing The Right Products

Some product categories simply sell better online as compared to other product categories. On Amazon, the electronics category was the most popular category of products for Amazon customers. This makes sense considering that the electronics category covers a massive range of products that cater to a huge audience and are used in several different applications and industries.

2.    Email Marketing

Whether you use email just to stay in touch with clients and keep them updated, or you are looking to market your products through email marketing to generate sales, you need to use a good email strategy. A great way to start building an email list is to give all your visitors a discount offer that they can avail of for in-store purchases by signing up through a form. This way clients have an incentive to give you their email addresses. We at FranchiseManila.com for example would recommend you to use an Amazon Seller tool like Helium 10 and then provide you with this discount offer to generate more sign-ups.

3.    Go Global

In 2018, Amazons’ sales accounted for 49% of total e-commerce activity in the US. The value of trade taking place on Amazon is growing every quarter, but this is also because Amazon is expanding its reach and entering new markets.

4.    Products With Wide Keywords

This is a technique that incorporates both the product choices that you make as well as the way you market these products. If you can get your products to show up in search results for a wider range of keywords, you will raise your chances of making a sale.

5.    Influencer Marketing

This is one of the trendiest Amazon Seller Tips on our list. It’s a tried and tested tool in the marketing industry and is very effective today as long as it is implemented with the right technique. Today we have Youtube celebrities, Instagram influencers, and popular social media pages which have millions of followers. These followers not only consume content, but they consume the ideas, thoughts, and suggestions their idols give out.

6.    Use Other Platforms To Sell Amazon Listings

Social media platforms allow you to create online stores on the platform. These private stores on social media can stock merchandise that is listed on your Amazon account.

This way not only are you able to sell your Amazon product to a wider audience, but you also bypass all the competition on Amazon. 

Amazon Seller Tips

7.    Create Your Own Image

Many new sellers focus too much on the product and its price and place little value on themselves as a brand that is selling a product. The top sellers on Amazon are not competing on price, rather they have a solid reputation with clients and clients are willing to purchase their products because they trust them.

8.    Outsource

Amazon is a massive marketplace with some very complex processes. Rather than trying to manage your entire listing on your own, it would be much more effective to hire experts to manage the more technical aspects of selling on Amazon such as managing listings, creating SEO descriptions, and setting up PPC campaigns. If you are an expert in a technical area, that’s great, if you aren’t you could save yourself a lot of time and get results much faster by hiring an expert team.

9.    Keep Optimum Inventory

The amount of stock you keep with Amazon has a huge effect on your listings performance. More is not better and being overstocked could cost you a lot in storage fees, while having too little could mean you miss out on opportunities. Moreover, if your inventory management is deemed inefficient by Amazon, your seller account could be suspended.

10.  Get Registered

Being a registered seller on Amazon not only stops people from replicating your store and selling substandard products under your name, but it also helps drastically increase the level of confidence customers have in you.

People are much more comfortable buying through a vetted professional. Even though both registered and unregistered sellers are selling through the same Amazon portal, if a seller has a trademark it gives the customer an extra boost of confidence and establishes you as a professional seller.

I hope these Amazon Seller Tips will help you in building and boosting your store sales. In essence, if you’re looking to expand your Amazon business and take it up to the next level, you need to learn new things, incorporate new strategies, and hire a team if you don’t have the expertise yourself.

Relying solely on one strategy will only get you so far. If you can incorporate a mixture of the techniques mentioned above you will be setting yourself up for long-term success.

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